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11 08 2011

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2011 Market Analysis [Free Educational Webinar]

7 01 2011

Starting a brand new year, the number 1 question
I’ve been asked is, “What’s Next?”. What’s next for
2011, what’s next for the markets, what should we look
at more closely, what should we pass on?

So in effort to prep you guys for the coming year, my
next educational webinar is going to be dedicated to
Market Analysis for 2011. Best of all, it’s completely
informational (meaning no sales allowed). I’m doing
this just for my subscribers and you’re invited!

In this webinar, my panel of skilled traders are giving
you the goods on what worked in 2010 (and what
*failed*) as well as let you in on the new ‘heavy-hitter’
markets that you’re going to want to know about before
anyone else.

You’ll also…

==>> Get the down-low on the ‘home-run’ successes of
2010 and the surprising disappointments that none of
us saw coming…

==>> Get our professional take on whether or not the
2010 successes will CONTINUE to work in 2011 (and
which ones will definitely fizzle out)…

==>> Get the full report on which markets, time frames
and time intervals my Experts will be exploring this
year in their own personal trading (and why)…

==>> Plus, get a jump on a handful of hot, hot, hot
markets you’re probably not trading right now (but
should be!).

And like all our educational webinars, there will be
NO sales pitches and no high-pressure tactics. I’ve
got literally NOTHING to sell you – just good, solid
trading analysis from my panel of trading geniuses
that won’t cost you a nickel.

Date: Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
Time: 12pm Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific / 5pm GMT
Where: Online!

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UMT Ultimate Pack! Win Yours Today…Here’s how:

4 03 2009

The NetPicks Universal Market Trader system is a tried, tested, and best selling product that is not afraid to show what it can do in the Forex/Futures/Stocks/Options LIVE markets. The UMT is a system that provides no subjectivity, total simplicity and extreme flexibility.

Sounds good, right? But we still said – there has to be a way we can improve upon this great system.

Think of it like this, you can have a great gym with fancy equipment, but if no one knows how to use it what good is it? That’s when it hit us! We need to offer our own personal trainers.

The UMT Ultimate Pack (Personal Mentor included) is born – and it’s FREE!

“How is it free?” Simple! Answer the question below, post your answer and on Tuesday, March 10th we’ll announce the winner of an entire UMT Ultimate Pack Course, including mentor.

You can win just by answering this question…

“How would the one-on-one training help me become a better trader?”

Post your answer here and we’ll announce the winner in our UMT Ultimate Pack Kick-Off Webinar March 10, 2009. To have your chance at winning, be sure to post thoughtful responses – that means no 1-sentence postings! We don’t want a novel but give us something to work with.

Good luck!

And remember, register now for the UMT Ultimate Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, March 10th at 12pm EST U.S. (New York Time) / 9am PST / 5:00 GMT!

Yes, You Can Trade Multiple Markets

27 10 2008

“Can I trade more than one market at a time?” – It’s a common question not only asked of our system but every methodology out there (for good reason!).

The answer to that is Yes.  Certainly people swing trading stocks (or forex, futures, etc…) typically look at a list of potential candidates each day.  Active traders (day trading) sometimes focus on one market but there’s no reason you cannot look at several.  Forex traders, for example, are typically recommended to look at 2-4 markets at a time since the trades set-up fairly orderly and it helps to be diversified day-to-day.

Today for example, I personally wanted to show you how I traded three markets at the same time — the Crude Oil Futures, Dow e-Mini Futures and the 10 Year Treasury Notes.  All of this was done within about an hour and we clearly had a good result overall (77% winning trades, $1,616.00 profit)

The key, of course, is mastering the strategy and ensuring you have the right account capitalization.  Not everyone is going to start with more than one market, and when you are first learning the strategy it’s best to be as conservative as possible.  However, as your account grows and your mastery of the UMT is finalized you’ll see you have the opportunity to both buy larger order size AND trade multiple markets.

Here are actual trades from today – performance summary:

Here are the details where you can see the three markets traded:

10/27/08 Trade Details (YM, CL, TY)

10/27/08 Trade Details (YM, CL, TY)

UMT Live Training Webinar [RECORDING]

23 10 2008

In case you missed today’s Live Training Webinar, here are your recordings…

Part One:

Part Two:

Just a brief reminder that this will be the LAST WEEK that you can own the incredible Universal Market Trader Course and System for the low price of $1,495! Next week, we’ll be increasing the price to $1,795 so if you ever wanted to explore the advantages and benefits of a powerful system like the UMT, now would the ideal time. You’ll never again see it at a price this low! If you’re all set to order, please visit:

See you in the Owner’s Club!

Watch Live Trading Today

22 10 2008

We recorded our trading live from today, Wednesday October 22nd.  This was a good example of why we wait for the system to give us the “all clear” to enter the trade.  You’ll see how well it kept us out of choppy trdaing conditions at least until we got a set-up that triggered based upon our rules.  As we point out in the video, sometimes “winning” trading has to do with knowing when to be out of the market.  There’s plenty of times you are safest on the sidelines.  You can check it out here:

Live Trading Video for Wednesday 10/22/08

If you prefer, here’s our Dow e-Mini live trades we took on Thursday — 2 wins – 1 loss and a nice profitable end in just over 30 minutes:

Live Trading Video for Thursday 10/23/08

Trading Examples for Monday October 20th

20 10 2008

When we talk about the Univeral Market Trader we always point out one of the significant advantages.  Trading multiple markets in multiple timeframes.  Check out the charts below — you’ll forex, futures and stock.  Some day trading and some swing trading.  It is this versatility that enables you to master ONE strategy for a lifetime of trading.  Next, we always talk about the need to trade markets and timeframes where we win more than we lose on a percentage basis.  Nobody trades “loss free” — you will have losing trades.  The key for our success is to ensure we have a winning percentage that fits our mantra:  “Two thirds, one third” — which means we like to see 2 out of 3 trades trade profitably.  Finally, it’s important to us to ensure that our average winning profit is greater than our average loss.

This provides excellent protection should we not reach our “Two Thirds, One Third” goal – in fact, we know we can go 50% and still do quite well.  Even fall below that on a winning percentage and still stay positive.

The idea is you cannot expect to always catch the markets when they are hot – there will be times where we have excellent trading days but a few losses mixed in.  There will be days and trades where the market simply does not cooperate.

But, by sticking to our UMT Trading Plan, by knowing our exact stop and target on every trade, knowing we can have the confidence to take each new set-up with the odds in our favor we can keep our performance consistent and realistic.  This is about real trading with real results.  You’ll see in our charts below that not every trade wins – but it clearly fits our trading objectives outlined above.

S&P e-Mini Futures

S&P e-Mini Futures

GBPUSD Forex Trading

GBPUSD Forex Trading

EURUSD Forex Trading

EURUSD Forex Trading

Apple Computer Stock

Apple Computer Stock

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