Welcome To The First Ever Unveiling Of Our Newest & Most Versatile Strategy Ever… The Universal Market Trader!

24 05 2007

By now you have likely seen our fun 2001 Space Odyssey promo video and read our freshly written e-book.  If not you will find links below to both (you should really check them out!)

But if you’re like the hundreds of traders we’ve already heard back from you are very curious to get a sneak peak at how this fully interractive trading strategy works…

 You can check out the first ever exclusive video now.  This is the first time anyone has had the opportunity to see the Universal Market Trader in action.  In under 20 minutes you’ll see swing trades, and day trades.  You’ll see trades from today and this week including stocks, futures, forex and commodities.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

 Universal Market Traderhttp://www.netpicksllc.com/videos/UniversalMarketTrader.html

Please click the above link, it will open another window and give it a little bit of time to start downloading and streaming your video.  Please leave comments to this post with your questions or requests for markets you’d like to see us cover in the days ahead.




44 responses

24 05 2007

looks good. I like to trade stocks but would be interested in learning more about the forex. tell me more.

24 05 2007

Looks very interesting.

24 05 2007
Richard A.

Enjoyed your video on UMT. I only trade Forex, so I would naturally like to see more on the major pairs. When will the system be ready for the public?

NetPicks Reply: We’ll make a note of that and definitely mix in other pairs such as the EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURJPY and so on. Availability is almost pinned down and should be within next couple of weeks at most.

24 05 2007

Look forward to learning more about choosing the time frame in each market. Also would be interested to know if there is any way to automatically can multiple securities (i.e. stocks) to identify developing signals.

NetPicks Reply: Typically with a very small list of candidates you’ll have plenty of action/set-ups no matter the timeframe and we’ll help show you how to select those. At the same time, yes, I can see this being a feature we could add in the future on a scan basis such as with Radar Scan where it can go through a larger list and tell you exactly which stocks have just had a crossover (close to a setup at that point) or an oversold/overbought condition (also a potential trade) — seems doable.

24 05 2007

On the video I see entries, but no exit points.

NetPicks Reply: Every set-up always has an exact stop area, and a projected profit target. In the coming days we’ll show you exact places of entry and exit – and even some actual trade records as well. The first video was to introduce the general concept and entries. More to come. Thanks for your comment.

24 05 2007

Looks interesting. I currently trade options and Forex so those would be my interest.

NetPicks Reply: You’l have lots of flexibility with forex. For options, you would be able to identify markets you would normally “swing trade” perhaps – such as stocks, and then instead of buying the stock (or shorting) you could use calls and puts. Thanks.

24 05 2007
Steven P. Foerder

Is the methodolgy shown in the video the one used by Jane in her daytrading of the Russell on your netpicks.com>

NetPicks Reply: This is completely unique to the Universal Market Trader strategy and course. We are integrating a few elements but this will be the only place to have the complete system and the flexibility across time and markets. Thanks for your question.

24 05 2007

Looks great. Does it work with stock options?
NetPicks Reply: The way you would use options for example is lets say you identified some stocks you want to trade — you’d go to the daily charts (or maybe 4 hour charts, etc…) and identify a trade on the stock where the strategy would “buy” — instead of buying the stock you instead purchase calls – typically best bet is in the money or very close – and usually front month – unless there is a week or less of time. Same goes if you have a short set-up — you’d buy puts instead. The key is just to make sure you allow yourself enough time before expiration for the trade to do what it needs to. Hope that helps. Thanks.

24 05 2007
I would like to see more on the forex.

I liked the video very much.

NetPicks Reply: We definitely will have much more on the forex in the days ahead — we’ll mix in other currency pairs and timeframes as well. Thanks.

24 05 2007

love the UTM can not wait to see more of this I day trade eminis

NetPicks Reply: I think you are going to be very impressed with what this strategy can do with the e-Minis. You’ll find a lot of additional flexibility by being able to adjust timeframes and given how excited we are internally about this we think you’ll concur as you see more. Thanks again.

24 05 2007

How is this new universal methodology different that the UTM methodology? Specifically speaking about e-minis, would you say the new Universal Market Trader would be an upgrade to the UTM? Thanks.

NetPicks Reply: A key on the UTM of course is to use the newer momentum line for confirmation -makes a significant difference As for the Universal Market Trader I think we’ll end up with people finding it significantly more powerful due to the flexibility between markets and timeframes and the fact that it is designed to handle range bound as well as trending type markets well. That makes a big difference because on a given day or range of days conditions do vary. In addition, it does a nice job in handling the most choppy times of trading by not over-trading those periods. The flexibility is the biggest difference I’d say.

24 05 2007

Your universal market trader system looks very interesting. I day trade the forex market and am curious as to what time frames you primarily use and if you feel that these time frames are more suitable for your new system? Thanks for your response.

NetPicks Reply: For daytrading forex we like the tick charts a lot — favorites at this time are probably 55 tick, and possibly 89. Those work nicely for us. Using time increments, 3 or more likely 5 minutes are effective — but with those you want to be sure you focus on the most active hours of the day — whereas tick charts can handle the quiet parts of the day the time increments not as much but you will typically have multiple opportunities daily in each pair. Thanks for the question.

24 05 2007

Great stuff! I’m very impressed on how it avoids choppy conditions, catches reversals & rides the trend- truly universal & versatile!

24 05 2007

Wow, excellent! It catches reversals, rides the trend, & avoids choppy conditions – not to mention even in different time frames. That’s truly universal!

24 05 2007

I really like the look of this new strategy. Do you suggest this to be traded instead of the existing ultimate trading criteria or in addition to it.

NetPicks Reply: I think we’ll end up seeing most of the trades going under this new approach – primarily due to the fact that the win/loss ratio tends to be higher and it is more consistent in varying market conditions. In addition, being able to adjust timeframes and not being as “fixed” as before should make a difference. Both being good but if you can add a decent percentage to your win/loss it makes sense to do it. Thanks for the question.

24 05 2007

Seems like a nice system, I would like to see the DAX futures, since these trade during the early morning hours and I think they give a nice heads up for the US markets, I’d like to trade both!


24 05 2007

I am a UTM owner trading the DAX in the early morning hours…full time job keeps me busy during the day. I am looking forward to picking up the pace with shorter time frames. Do you see the UTM making this a viable goal for me?

NetPicks Reply: Yes, given the Dax is currently traded only off of 15 minute charts on the UTM, you’ll be able to speed that up quite a bit. We plan on having a Dax Futures example in tomorrow’s (Friday) videos hopefully, and you’ll be able to see what I mean by that — we can speed up the entries quite a bit using smaller timeframe increments or tick charts — there are several that work well for the DAX especially when it is moving nicely as it tends to a few times per week. Thanks for the question and check the Dax video when posted and feel free to ask more questions about it. Thanks.

24 05 2007
David Swanson

Looks great so far! Could you demonstrate it on the Eurocurrency and British Pound Futures. At present I trade both in the 3 and 5 minute timeframes. What would your suggestions be for daytrading these with your new system?

NetPicks Reply: The first video has some recent GBPUSD trades which will look very similar to the @BP — and I’ll see if we can put in the queue a video or screen shot of the Eurocurrency futures on a daytrading basis. Thanks for the suggestion and we’ll try to get those up for you in the next couple of days. I do think in addition to the time increments (such as 3 or 5 minutes) you’ll see some smooth charts using a few of our key tick timeframes as well. Thanks.

24 05 2007
Joe Goodman

I’d be interested in seeing the GBPUSD on 15 min, 60 min, and 240 min. Thanks.

24 05 2007
David Matheny

How would one know which markets to trade-or do we pick the market and apply the strategy? Also, if I am already a UTM member will I get any consideration towards this new system??

NetPicks Reply: We do quite a bit in the videos, manuals, course to give you very specific choices on markets and several suggested timeframes. However, we also want to give you as much opportunity as possible so we go through some steps to show you how to select your own as well — there’s a few simple tests we can do on any market/timeframe to make sure it passes our criteria – since we have a number of solid options it makes sense to only choose the most favorable. As for being a current UTM owner, absolutely, we have something special in store. Thanks.

24 05 2007
Barbara Footer

Very impressive…you guys are amazing!!
First UTM, then MOM, and now Universal.
The video gave a very good idea of what it can do.
Am looking forward to seeing more on ER2.
Thanx, Barb

NetPicks Reply: Thanks much for the nice comments. We’ll definitely be showing more on the ER2 – always a favorite of the index futures crowd – us included. We should have more specific availability and order details very soon – just putting up some finishing touches on everything as we speak.

24 05 2007

I would love to see an example of how the method handles a period of choppy sideways action in the Forex, for example GBPUSD on the 24th of May and contrast that with the strong up trend of the 23rd and how many pips the method would have achieved. The versatility looks very impressive.

NetPicks Reply: Yes, definitely good point. If a market is extremely choppy normally the victory we are looking for is to come out of that unscathed if possible, or perhaps with a loss that we can make up on the next move out of the range. Looking at the 24th, on a 55 tick chart, so comparable to the 23rd where we had those nice moves there was a long at 1.9872 that triggered in US session. Got up to 1.9886 though we wanted closer to 1.9900. Stop area about 1.9863. Followed by a short at 1.9848 — went down to 1.9826 so better action there given it went 20+ pips after entry. For a 50 pip range day in total a reasonable outcome. EURJPY was strong in contrast (see latest video post) through same timeframe.

24 05 2007

Looks great.
1) Would you please show extensive shots of how the system handles the adverse situations we all encounter where most trading systems fail…the periods of consolidation, confusing signals and false breakouts, range bound and choppy markets, particularly on the forex shorter time frames.
2) To have a 75% win rate and a profit/loss ratio of 1:1 gives a fantastic profit factor. What is the largest drawdown AND consecutive losses you have obseved in your Live and backtesting?
3) Has this system stood the test of time, ie. has it performed this way for years and not just in the relative recent past and present period? To have a truly powerful and universal system it would need to have performed over all the cycles we experience over long periods.
Thanks for your answers.

NetPicks Reply: On question #1…definitely will make a point of showing the times that markets get very choppy/sideways — if action stays around the bands which many times it does when choppy we are safe. It will of course at times make a false break away — we could trigger in that situation of course — what we have found is adjusting and monitoring a few different timeframes helps you pin down one that is best. For example, a market that looks completely jittery on a 5 minute chart, might smooth out completely on a 15 minute chart. On question #2 we make sure that a market we trade is showing that type of win/loss ratio — there will be markets and timeframes that do not — we avoid those because as you should be seeing there is no need to force a market/timeframe with so many others to choose from. So far we have not been very challenged to find markets that meet the standards. On question #3 it is the flexibility that makes this system — it is dynamic to market conditions but more important we are not boxed into just one set of stocks, futures or forex markets — the fact is as we all probably know that the hot markets “today” might not be the ones to trade 6 months from now. The concept here is master one strategy — and take that one strategy to multiple markets — we might be hot on the Russell, or the GBPUSD, or Crude Oil, etc… at this time but if that changes, and the action moves elsewhere we should be able to take the same approach onto the next thing. Thanks for the great questions.

24 05 2007

Any info on how it trades on the 10 Year note? (ticker is TY on tradestation) Oddly enough, it has solid trends. Also the USDCAD trends very nicely, would be interested in seeing what the software can do, thanks!

NetPicks Reply: In the first video towards the end we show some recent US (30 Year TBonds) — and have found the TY will look quite similar. You’re right on the “trending” nature of that market — which plays well into the strategy. It looks good on daily charts and intraday charts though I probably favor tick charts vs. the time increments just a little. The only issues you work with in TY as well are the major news reports that come out at 8:30am EST — those can really move the markets but if you’re positioned right you just hold through if you are comfortable with your preset targets/stops. On the USDCAD, if swing trading, I’ve noticed a 233 tick works nicely.

24 05 2007
RD Petersen

How can I get this program?

NetPicks Reply: We are finalizing all the details and it will be well within the reach of nearly everyone. Should be relatively soon.

25 05 2007

Great Stuff! I am a current UTM owner and have told many people that it changed my trading life. I’ve learned during my many years of trading, that following a system with an edge, and ALWAYS following that system, is the most important element of being a successful trader. The problem is for most, is that following a system is next to impossible for the simple reason that most systems if not all are very subjective and all it takes is a couple losses to lose faith in it by thinking that you must be interpreting your system wrong. This always leads to disaster in trading as you stop following your system and go back to your old habits. UTM changed my trading life because it took away the subjectivity and gave me something that I could follow without question because it’s so simple and it works.
From what I’ve seen with the Universal trader so far, it looks like once again you have come out with something that has no subjectivity and is thus easy to follow and trust. Also, if the win-loss percentage is greater and I can seamlessly move around to different markets, then I for one can’t wait to increase my results. Great job you guys! My only question based on your previous track record of quality and support is this: When can I have it!!?? 🙂

NetPicks Reply: Joel, thanks much for you generous comments. I can tell you that we try extremely hard to get it right, and we never stop evolving what we’re doing — we’ll never be stubborn and we’re always willing to adapt. This system really grew out of the feedback and suggestions we got in particular from our UTM owners – which was great help in developing this next step. I think you will enjoy the new flexbility and alternatives you’ll have and we are going to make sure that like the UTM there is a real plan — known places to enter and exit. Does discretion ever play a part? Yes, it does – it’s unavoidable in trading but I like to think if we can get to 90% mechanical, and teach the other 10% that even the small subjective part can be rule based enough to give you a plan at every point. Good job in your trading and thanks once again for the extremely nice comments.

25 05 2007

I’d be very interested to see some trading examples from the grain markets: soybeans, corn and wheat.
Thanks much.

25 05 2007

Several people before me have already said what I was going to say, in particular Joel above. If this new system really has a winning percentage of 75% with a 1:1 win/loss ratio, then I will be the first person to sign up.
In addition to seeing some intraday DAX charts I would also like to see some intraday charts on some of the Asian/Australian index futures, perhaps the Nikkei, the Hang Seng and the Australian ASX 200. (You might have guessed that I live in this neck of the world.)
The big question I of course still have, which everyone else has as well, is: how much is it going to cost for existing UTM owners.

NetPicks Reply: Look for Dax Futures today. I’ll check on the others depending upon the datafeeds we can get to show the charts. Thanks for the suggestions. As for existing UTM owners we will be providing something exclusive to you and it should be within reach of everyone who wants to participate. More details soon. Thanks.

25 05 2007

Excellent video Anthony. I’m really impressed as I trade the Forex mini a/c each day on the 2 or 4 hour charts. I’m doing not bad but it’s tiring having to make your own decisions. Your strategy sounds great with the signals. I’d love to be able to take 50-100 pips/week out the Forex.
I hope you will be able to make it affordable for us as I couldn’t afford the UTM when it came out.
I’m determined to get my mini a/c up so I can trade the big Forex. I’m sure your system would be great for us.
Look forward to more of your videos.
kindest regards

25 05 2007

What platform(s) will your UMT be available?

25 05 2007

With so many choices in which markets to trade could you please explain how you decide which markets to apply the methodology. What factors make a market “hot” and at what point do you know it’s time to move on?
The U.T.M. has treated me very well, and I look forward to learning more about this new system.

NetPicks Reply: Good question. The best be is to typically start with a market or markets you are already comfortable with – and decide whether you want to day trade or swing trade (or both) — from there you’ll find we will identify for you other markets in the same area you are trading plus ones you might not have even considered before. The ongoing training will be interactive and there will be a lot of “community” sharing of advice in this area as well — one thing we’re confident of is nobody will have a shortage of trading opportunities. Thanks for your past support as well.

26 05 2007

What is the asking price for the system?

26 05 2007

Great video!
Suitable for JSE (South African Stocks)?
System compatible with Metastock Version 9.1?
Would love to see a video on one of the stocks on the JSE because most of the sites restrict themselves to the USA stocks.
Many thanks

NetPicks Reply: On the JSE stocks I personally haven’t used it on that — however, as long as you have a market that trades with enough liquidity, that tends to “move” – and by that I mean as long as it is a market that runs up, and down, even range-bound (but not a flatline) you should find the exact same strategy will work — just a matter of choosing from the best timeframes. On Metastock, I have a feeling that will be one platform we might see some demand for after release and our plan is to immediately work on the ones we are getting the most requests for – in the meantime people will be able to use several very popular platforms, maybe just short-term until we release more for the their preferred platform and I can see Metastock depending upon input being one of those. Thanks.

26 05 2007

When comparing the trades in the video to the UTM trades marked on my charts it appears to get in much earlier than the UTM which I believe to be a good thing. You briefly talk about a 75% win rate however you don’t state over what period of time that is backtested. If its one year thats reasonable if its one month thats not too significant etc. So would you tell us over what period of time that was tested especially since you seem unwilling to post a TS performance report.

NetPicks Reply: In the more “steady” markets – and what I mean by that are markets such as the e-mini indices, the major forex pairs, etc… the ones that pretty much trade today a lot like they did a year ago you’ll find the performance quite consistent — in particular if you go with some of the preferred/suggested timeframes. We do not have a Tradestation report to publish since this is a full disclosed strategy, you have all the rules for entry, exact entries, and where to set profits/stops. Eventually we will likely work more on automation beyond the indicators, the crossover indications, etc… and at that time we’ll see even more back-testing results, etc… however, we are not huge believers in back-testing in general — there are many problems to it and we put most of our weight on what happens going forward — if the timeframe we choose going forward is working up to the levels expected. So far we have been seeing that with consistency. The variance I would expect would be a market that falls out of favor – meaning it quiets down considerably. Think about some of the hottest stocks back in the early 2000, 2001, 2002 period – many today hardly are a blip or don’t move like they once did. In equities you will at times look for the next opportunities but it’s always going to be the same strategy you can apply which is ideal. Hope that helps – good questions. Thanks.

27 05 2007

I’m staying on the other part of the world. i.e. Asia. I’m one of the early UTM owners and having been using it to trade Russell. Will the new UMT work on the Nikkei and the Simsci ( SGX MSCI Singapore (SiMSCI) Futures)? I have tried the UTM on both market with varied result. Thank you

NetPicks Reply: The design of the Universal Market Trader is to be able to be one strategy, that is dynamic, meaning it is self-adjusting — the way the targets are set, stops, reversals, etc… are all finely tuned to the exact market and timeframe you bring up. Which is why as long as the market you are trading has good volatility, volume, etc… you should see successful trading. The things to look for are swings up and down, occassional trends, etc… if that is the case you’ll likely find success given the strategy is so flexible and definitely not confined to a preset list of markts by any means. We expect it to end up being used on a huge list of securities. Thanks.

27 05 2007

Looks very interesting. I would like to see the gbpjpy on a 240 min chart. This pair has a big spread but it also has huge runs.

NetPicks Reply: Agreed on the big runs – this one can be amazingly volatile. One key in trading it is to be sure you are at a broker that has favorable spreads on the pair – clearly avoid those 10+ you’ll see at some brokers on it. No sense putting yourself at the disadvantage lining the brokers pocket first. I did look at the 4 hr. chart (and a comparable tick chart as well for fun) and there are some definite 200 – 300 pip runs following triggers. I’ll see if we can get a demo up over the next few days for you. Thanks.

28 05 2007

Maybe I did not state my question clearly. When you state a 75% win rate, over what period of time was that calculated?


29 05 2007

this system looks interesting (as others have already said). How can I find out more about the course itself (contents, videos/cds etc, timing, cost, sreenshots). ty

NetPicks Reply: We’ll be releasing more details throughout the week. It will contain videos, software, training, live virtual training – very comprehensive. Should have lots of new details this week for you. Thanks.

29 05 2007

Little conern here, when you all had the UTM being advertised it was suppossed to be the ” ULTIMATE ” in trading. It had a limited number with a pretty hefty price. I bought it and I do like it, it has worked well. BUT now not long from the ” ULTIMATE ” you now have the ” UNIVERSAL ” and I am sure it will be with a hefty price also. I do like the way it looks. It just seems this just keeps going, obviously this was under development when the original UTM came out which was not that long ago. I just hope the cost for this one for those of us in the owners club who had faith in the original UTM as the best is not going to be looking at another 6 months down the road as ‘THE BESTEST” I believe you all are fair just do not want to keep paying more and more.

NetPicks Reply: All very fair comments. First, as a UTM owner you will definitely be getting something special so no worries there. Second, we believe this will be within reach of anyone who wants it — we’re a business but I think you know by now we do try to be reasonable and we do not go to market with price tags that you see out there for other training –which tends to average 5 to 10 times where we typically are. As for the other point, we are always striving to have the very best tools for traders — if we can develop something new that we feel is fairly revolutionary we are definitely going to make it available — in the 11 years we’ve been around we have had two strategies released. That is all. And a handful of subscription services — and never anything that required some of the crazy upfronts you see out there. At any rate, UTM remains out there (almost a year now) and fully supported as always. This was really a response to all the requests we had from UTM owners — there was a lot of feedback about wanting many other markets, not wanting to be constrained to one timeframe and having more flexibility and interactive training so it ended up being created in part based on feedback we received. We got a lot of great ideas from our UTM owners that are built into this. Thanks again for everything.

30 05 2007
Mike Gorchov

Very interesting videos. I trade mainly the Futures. I saw nothing regarding stops and targets for the Russell. Thank you.

NetPicks Reply: One strength to this strategy is the fact that stops/targets do not get fixed on every trade – they are dynamic meaning depending upon timeframe and market conditions they will vary – if you see today’s Russell chart and S&P trading you’ll see what I mean. We had a range from 1 point to 2 points on target — very different depending on the trade and all easily indentifiable – – each target tuned to current market conditions as is the stop. Thanks.

31 05 2007

Thanks for the videos…I just have a question.
1) You mention that you can switch time frames to a whichever you like, and trade between timeframes etc. You also mentioned that one market that’s good now may not be so good in 6 months. From what I have experienced, the best ‘probability’ of success is sticking to one timeframe and taking all the trades…otherwise you end up missing trades that were winners on one timeframe and take a lose on the other etc. From what I read, you seem to be in favour of trading multiple timeframes.
Are you suggesting to pick one or two timeframes and stick to them, or are you saying that no-matter what you trade, you should end up with 75% win rate?(confused)
Someone above also asked twice about how long ago did you start forward testing this?

NetPicks Reply: We have found that certain “core” markets have been fine for years — what I mean by that are the indexes, the main currency pairs, etc… What you might find will sometimes over time change are some stocks for example that have good range and volatility don’t necessarily always remain that way. Consider some stocks used to trade at $100 now trade at $0.50 — so it’s situation like that that we were referring too. Most of the core markets you won’t have to vary from much at all — unless something new and exciting comes along. Also, think about some commodities — certain ones can be quiet for a long time – take crude oil, then become a big trading market. With this you’ll be prepared to trade any of them that you choose since the strategy doesn’t change. On the timeframe, you’ll typically stick with one, maybe two. However, there’s nothing ever wrong with identifying one that is even better and moving to that if you decide but I know personally I’ve stuck to the same basic one for a while since it suits my style. On the forward testing – remember, this is completely non-optimized. No settings get changed — unlike many strategies that are built on back-testing — and optimized parameters – this has nothing optimized that way – no curve fitting at all. So you can pull it up anytime now or in the past and go forward with it — nothing has to be “checked” for curve fitting since no optimization is done. That’s really a big advantage. Thanks.

1 06 2007

Thanks for the answer above…
How about news events…how does the system work around those…is there set rules?

NetPicks Reply: This depends to some degree on timeframe chosen – some will be sensitive to news, some not — and yes, we definitely make that discussion and ruleset and integral part of what we do. We do look to have rules for anything of importance, and news is something we will account for. Thanks.

11 08 2007

Looks promising! I’m new to the site and could not find your order page. 😦


NetPicks Reply: It has been off the market since it sold out early June but will go back available this month. Once we are ready to take orders we’ll be publishing the ordering information. In the meantime, you’ll be able to learn a lot more about the UMT strategy and training. Thanks for stopping by.

13 08 2007
colin cowell

I can get a tick chart with my dashboard e-signal but a ‘timed’ tick chart is new to me. Who provides this? Also, will we need to get new servers to run your programme? I am nervous about incurring extra expenses on software that is peripheral to your programme but which prove to be essential to its running. The excitement mounts!!

NetPicks Reply: In eSignal you may need their Advanced Charting, you can check with them to be sure depending upon your plan but you’ll definitely be able to get those tick charts you need (or even use the free two months we can get you on Tradestation if you’d like to at least compare the two) — you’ll be set. As for your computer, as long as you can capably run your charting platform without issue you will be fine. Meaning if an eSignal, Tradestation, etc… runs on your system now our custom indicators will work perfectly fine. Thanks.

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