Dax Futures Day Trading – May 23rd to May 25th Video

25 05 2007

Hello.  Welcome back.  Quite a few of you seemed interested in watching the Universal Market Trader do its stuff on the Dax Futures.  This video captures the last 3 days — and we take you through all the set-ups.  The outcome was quite good, and 2 of the 3 days were excellent.  One day was much more mixed but it’s always important to see how your strategy handles both the good days and the ones that are more challenging.  The Dax Futures can also be traded in a variety of timeframes, including swing trading.  It is an ideal market for some due to their schedules – though that will vary by your location around the world. 

 Check back later as well — we have more posts on the way today with some additional markets you’ve requested — we’ll take a look at the Euro Futures, and potentially another commodity and stock trade.  Should be interesting.  Let us know if you have any questions by posting in the “Comments” below. 





6 responses

25 05 2007

Will you be offering an automated version thru TradeStation as you did with the UTM.

NetPicks Reply: We will initially be providing the full suite of indicators (including the crossover indications, etc…) — then we’ll be working on some additional tools including potentially some levels of automation — some of that will come after the initial release. You’ll certainly have all you need right from the start and then we expect to add to the suite of strategies/indicators thereafter. Thanks.

25 05 2007

Can you post or discuss the back-tested results for the Universal Market Trader? I would like to know over at least a few months what the success rate was the that program over a couple of common markets like the S&P500 and Russell 2000.

NetPicks Reply: The strategy itself, like everything we do is a complete system that is rule based. What we do is only trade a market that meets our criteria in its timeframe. That means we only accept a market that should be coming into the 75% win/loss range — or at least very close — that’s how we stay in tune with the best timeframes and markets. We have seen that for quite some time on both the ES and ER2 in one of several timeframe choices. Thanks.

25 05 2007

I would like to see the NQ, either a 74 tick or 133 tick chart. Also, would your indicators be available on the Ensign software?

NetPicks Reply: We will have them on eSignal immediately. If we have enough requests we can look to port to Ensign though I think you’d probably already be using the eSignal feed so could go with that initially. I’ll put it on the list as well to try and show some NQ trades coming up. Thanks.

25 05 2007

Looks great.I am a UTM member,I am waiting for the Mom Indicator for my charting data [MCFX] though tssupport.com,will I be able to get the UMT indicators for the same charting data when released.

NetPicks Reply: We are working on that actually right now. They are compatible with Easy Launguage and seem willing to help us with that so I would expect it will be available, maybe not day 1 but very shortly thereafter. Thanks.

26 05 2007

how long before its available ?
looks great

NetPicks Reply: Pretty soon now – – we are finalizing all the last details and I would anticipate in a week or so. Thanks.

26 05 2007

Great videos! I would like to know if the charts at Options Express can be used for your trading strategies? I know that you’ve mentioned in the first video that several other platforms are compatible.
I normally trade the e-mini.
Thanks for your help.

NetPicks Reply: On a broker specific platform/charting we might not see that immediately but you’ll have quite a few excellent options to choose from, and we do plan on responding to requests for other platforms as we’ll be asking those who participate to request the additional platforms they’d like us to use. For e-Mini you’ll have several good options. Thanks.

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