Swing Trading Stocks — Apple Computer/AAPL

26 05 2007

The last few videos down below we’ve shown you the power of the Universal Market Trader when it comes to trading forex and futures.  Today’s video we are covering stocks.  The example is Apple and instead of showing day trading you get to see how the exact same strategy works on swing trading; where we hold trades for several days even up to a couple of weeks depending upon the strength of the move.  Even more interesting, we show you a really unique wrinkle that a lot of people might not have considered before – rather than just swing trading off of daily charts, you get to see swing trading off of a “195 Minute” chart.  Clearly, that is not the usual timeframe you hear about very often but given with the Universal Market Trader you have complete flexibility with timeframes, we can use a 195 minute chart – which is just two bars per day.  Instead of one bar on a daily chart, we get almost double the activity by printing two bars per day; quicker entries and more opportunities yet we are not having to day trade and can still manage this easily once per day when the markets are closed.  Take a look here:

http://www.netpicksllc.com/videos/AAPL.htmlApple Computer Swing Trading




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27 05 2007

Not sure we need more demos. Isn’t it about time to talk about cost and availability?

NetPicks Reply: We should have that for you soon – it won’t be a long wait but it’s important to us to make sure we get everyone enough of an insight into the strategy, how it works, what markets it can be applied to, how the timeframes can be changed and so on. Thanks for your interest and I promise this won’t be a long delay between these demos and availability.

28 05 2007

What other software is needed in order to use your technique? Can it be applied with any RT trading software, like TS8, AmiBroker, eSignal…?
Can it work just with EOD like TC2007?
Thank you, Ray

NetPicks Reply: It will be ready to go with several of the top platforms immediately – definitely TS8 and eSignal which you mention. Then, we’ll be adding new ones as there is demand — most should be covered at launch with additional being added. Thanks.

28 05 2007
Jim Gall

Liked your video…. Purchased Netpicks UTM about 6 months ago…. Don’t know how this relates. Is this part of what I already have? Don’t know what the moving averages or whatever is on the charts. Don’t know how to use what you show. Do you have a website for more info on what I have? Please respond.
Jim Gall

NetPicks Reply: We’ll be showing more trades and providing quite a bit of additional information this week. You’ll have an opportunity to add this strategy/course very shortly as well — it is about ready to be available but we want to ensure that everyone has a good chance to see it performing under a variety of markets, conditions and timeframes. As a prior UTM owner you’ll have a unique offer as well. Stay tuned for more details. Thanks.

29 05 2007

The system looks great in the videos, but how far back have you tested it? It appears to have worked very well in the last couple of days, but it also appears to be primarily a trend following system and I’d be interested to know its performance during choppier periods. For example, how would the Russell have done on Jan.12, a rather choppy day.
I’m looking forward to learning more about the UMT and will be monitoring the blog.
Thank you.

NetPicks Reply: You can go as far back as you like – since the method is dynamic – meaning it tunes the targets/stops to the current market conditions the only real requirement is the market needs to “move” — meaning we want to be involved in good trading markets. There are so many of these at any one time you’ll never have to search for choices. It definitely does not need trends — it has two core set-ups — a reversal trade which doesn’t rely on the trend at all, and then a cross-over trade which also can come very early in a move. Our re-entry trades that you have seen do take advantage of trend. I did look at January 12th for you on the ER2 – on a tick chart (233) I had one losing trade long, then a winning trade short followed by another winner long. On a 5 minute for example it was similar – long trade went halfway to target, no short trade, then a long trade to target. It was smooth after the initial 30 minutes of the day which was choppier. Hope that helps. Thanks for the question.

29 05 2007
francis ebenger

how much how soon any trail period?

NetPicks Reply: Full details coming shortly — in a few days. It will be a modest upfront. Thanks.

29 05 2007

Interesting. Trading index options like the Q’s, how many setups would one expect using 8 hour or 4 hour chart? How big is a typical move, and how much is typically risked?

NetPicks Reply: This depends completely on the timeframe used — smaller timeframes would lead to more set-ups – assuming there was movement in the Q’s. Same goes for typical move — you’d expect this to be different whether you were trading a 5 minute or a 4 hour chart so it’s difficult to give an exact answer without knowing more details — however, any move of any size will be triggered with a trade. The Qs do work well though with some of the very same timeframes you’ve been seeing. Thanks.

30 05 2007

Thanks for the response, but as indicated in the initial request, the time frame is using a 4 or 8 hour chart. Can you please give some idea of the frequency of set ups and moves.

NetPicks Reply: On that timeframe, depends of course on how active the market is you are trading – but I’d expect perhaps a couple per week, maybe a touch more — but you figure you are only talking 1 to 2 bars per day in that case so you’ll be going for swing trades out of that. The Apple video we had probably will give you an idea as well since you’ll see a 195 minute chart which is basically 3 hours and in there I believe there was around 8 or 9 trades over the timeframe shown. Thanks.

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