Watch eMini Index Futures Trades on Wednesday, May 30th

30 05 2007

This video takes you through one of the more popular requests we are getting, and that is for the index futures.  We cover the Russell, S&P and the Dow in this video.  What we think you’ll find cool about this video is the fact that we show you in the second half how we switch markets, even switch timeframes – jumping to more frequent, smaller tick charts, then over to straight timeframe charts and never once have to adjust any settings in the indicators.  Nothing gets optimized — we just change markets and timeframes and the same exact strategy applies.  Overall, it was a solid morning of trading — it got even better in the afternoon after the Fed announcement and you’ll get a few glimpses of how that would have done as well.  As always, please feel free to ask any questions in the “Comments” section and we’d be happy to answer you – we are checking those on a regular basis.  Thanks again for watching. 

EMini Trading 5/30/07




7 responses

30 05 2007

Very impressive.
I also trade very volatile stocks like GOOG, CME etc
Is it possible to show 1,3 min.charts,even 144 or 233 ticks?

NetPicks Reply: I looked at both stocks – I think you’ll be quite pleased with GOOG. If you want frequent trades then closer to a 144 tick there is better — 233 is more of a swing. On CME you’d use smaller tick numbers because this stock due to volume/exchange ticks less — looking at a 3 minute chart gives you an idea of course as well — it also looks good — between the two would say GOOG looks the most impressive. When we have the live webinar on this if you can attend we should be able to show charts of markets people request so if you can come then and request it and I can show you these. Thanks.

31 05 2007

… What’s the cost and when will it be ready for sale?

31 05 2007

Looks good but most things look good when the dow is up over 100 points. Thats why I would hope you would focus more on small range days that would normally whipsaw other systems.

NetPicks Reply: Interestingly I looked at the Dow this morning (5/31st) – so far the range is just over 35 points total – no trend either way. At this time there has been one long trade that has hit target (from 13673) and then a second trade that went short at 12669 that went nearly about 18 points. It doesn’t need big range — not as well that yesterday, there did end up being good range on the Dow but the first two trades that were buys came after the market gapped nearly 60 points at the open and went down another 30 points yet you were able to get your very first trade going long with the reversal set-up — and the first two trades were successful in about 50 points of range. You’ll see this type of flexibility/adaptability all the time. Of course it isn’t going to succeed every trade, and there will be times that we’ll have some negative trading but I’ve yet to see this type of condition persist for more than a hanful of trades. It enables us all to be quite confident when the next trade sets up. Thanks for the question – hope this helps clarify.

31 05 2007
Dean Hishinuma

I watched your videos for the Russell tick chart and see that you use regular market time. I have eSignal and also use tick charts but it is 24 hrs and doesn’t show gaps at market open. I called eSignal and they said their tick charts only show 24 hr. charts. Can I still use this system on a 24 hr. tick chart without the gaps? I am assuming it’s like trading a Forex chart since they trade 24 hrs.

31 05 2007

Hi, can you give us a sense of when the course/strategy will be available? As a long standing Netpicks’ client I am already quite satisfied/impressed with the professionalism of the Netpicks team and am eager to get going, i.e., don’t need more convincing. Best Regards.

1 06 2007
Chris Muller

The “package” really looks nice. Was it developed under TradeStation? And primarily meant to use with TradeStation?
I am using FibonacciTrader and I can not find indicators that you mention in your chart although they may be there under another name. Problem might be that if one buys UMT you would like to make an optimal use of it.
Could you arrange for a “deal” with TradeStation?
Regards and I am looking forward to next Tuesday.

NetPicks Reply: Hello. The custom indicators will be made available for a minimum of four major packages at release and we’l be adding to that based upon demand/requests. However, most should be well covered at release and each of the four choices are simple to get. The indicators themselves are custom. We’ll have details on how to sign-up for any of them, some have trials or even free service. Thanks for the questions.

2 06 2007
Tom Hendrickson

It looks to me that trade #2 in the ER was stopped out if it had a trailing stop of 1.2 pts. Am I wrong?

NetPicks Reply: There is no preset stop/trailing stop that is fixed. The system is completely dynamic meaning it will measure current trading conditions and adjust the stop per market at that moment – which is one of the powerful features to this trading approach. Instead of forcing a market to reach a fixed xx target or yy stop every trade we actually have the ability to use a target/stop that is measured by the current market conditions so it’s much more finely tuend which helps with the overall success. Thanks.

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