Weekly Recap Video – More Trade Examples

1 06 2007

We have come to the end of the week so we thought we’d show you a review of the very same markets we’ve been demonstrating throughout the week – in particular over the last couple of days since you last saw them updated.  The video will show you using the exact same timeframe how it looks across multiple markets — Russell e-Mini, S&P e-Mini, GBPUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY (forex), Dax futures, Crude Oil, Gold Futures, Apple stock among the examples.  The idea being you’ll see no need for us to optimize at all — we just change the symbol and you’ll probably recognize the entry set-ups from what you’ve already seen this week. 

 We realize it’s the end of the week, this video runs about 15 minutes so watch all (or some) and then be sure you have signed up for the live webinar on Tuesday.  There are two time choices and you’ll get every detail you’ve wanted about availability, training, indicators,  and costs.  We think you’ll be happy with the answers there as well.  All your questions will be answered there as well so have them ready.  Sign-up links are in the post just below this — they are filling up so be sure to reserve your spot at the live webinar.  Reminder, the audio portion is through the phone (you’ll see our presentation, screen, etc.. right on your computer, audio is done on the phone to keep quality as high as possible) so if it is an international call in particular you might want to consider an option like “Skype” and their SkypeOut plans which are extremely lost cost calling throughout the world.

In the meantime, have a great weekend.  Thanks for participating this week, all of the excellent questions in the “Comments” and sharing your enthusiasm with us.  Here’s your video link:





7 responses

1 06 2007
bob g.

I have been watching,with particular interest,the 4x trades you have done. I am interested in seeing the GBP/USD and the EURO/DOLLAR traded in the swing/position time frames. Appreciate an example. Thx,Bob

2 06 2007
Steve A

Would like to see more forex markets on the shorter time frames please.
Steve A

NetPicks Reply: Thanks for the feedback/suggestion. Forex is very popular as you know so we’ll definitely look to post something else in this area Monday and we’ll cover it in detail in the live webinar on Tuesday as well. Thanks for your interest

2 06 2007

From a Netpicks reply elsewhere:
NetPicks . The indicators themselves are custom.
So am I to understand the indicators are not included in the price of your system?

NetPicks Reply: The custom indicators are a driving force behind the strategy and are definitely included with the strategy/course. They are included. Thanks.

2 06 2007

In the videos you very briefly mention from time to time the afternoon section.Your claim 75% wining trades is based on only the first 3 hours of trading or taking all trades during the day?
Thank you

NetPicks Reply: Our objective in any market and timeframe we choose is to target that for the win/loss ratio – it becomes our criteria for deciding that market and timeframe is worth our efforts — since we have a number to choose from we can be picky. It isn’t difficult typically with a reasonable good trading market to satisfy this requirement and you’ll definitely find with most of the core markets we show that they will behave just as well in the afternoon. Your only differences might be the forex where you will be focusing – if day trading – on the key timeframes during the day or night when those markets are most active. As for the index futures or stocks for example you’d have no issues at all with afternoon trading. Thanks.

3 06 2007
Gek McGregor

I am interested to know the times that you trade the forex. eg London sessions vs New York sessions?
I would defnitely like to see more examples on the forex especially on long term positions and what is the maximum drawdown for this strategy??

NetPicks Reply: Typically we find the Euro session running from 1am – 4am EST, then what we call the “bridge” session from 4am – 7am EST and then the US session from 7am – 11am EST (New York time) — all of those timeframes have proven quite viable with the strategy — we never care to try and trade them all – just what works for us with our schedules – and likewise you’d do the same. Sometimes we might only have an hour or so to give it – if that’s the case that is what we focus on. If you have more time, you could trade more. Thanks.

4 06 2007

I am a UTM user. From what I can see, the UMT uses a lot of custom indicators. As a non Tradestatiion, esignal etc user, is it possible to setup the indicators? Will you reveal the settings and describe how to setup in the package? Or are they standard downloads from your site for the various platforms only?

NetPicks Reply: We are supporting at least four platforms on day 1 and will be adding more depending upon requests/feedback/demand. Part of the power to this strategy are the custom indicators — they are a driving force behind this and they are programmed for each platform — not generic indicators you would typically see. Let us know what platform you are using — it’s possible it might be near the top of the list to add shortly after the release — and we’ll show you how you can get one of the four we are using in the meantime as well. Thanks.

4 06 2007

I am using Linnsoft’s Investor RT. http://www.linnsoft.com. It is getting more powerful. I hope you can release the UMT settings for this package.

NetPicks Reply: Not immediately but we’ll be open to suggestions beyond the 5 initially supported platforms after release. Thanks.

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