Actual Trades from Today – Monday June 4th

4 06 2007

We’re very busy getting ready for the live webinars tomorrow.  Be sure you have registered – if not, please scroll down and get your spot reserved. 

While time is a bit limited getting everything ready to ship the product to you we did take a few trades this morning just to show you how we can trade multiple markets – if we want to.  You can do the same — you can focus on one market exclusively, or several.  There is so much flexibility with this strategy.

Here’s a screenshot of our trades we took today – we decided to focus on a few markets – Russell e-Mini and S&P e-Mini and then during the same time take a forex trade (GBPUSD) — you’ll notice all of this was done in under 2 hours and while we were working on other things.  These are day trade examples but just as easily could be swing trades if we prefer to trade that way. 

Click the image to see the full screenshot.  We netted $459 per contract after commissions and costs in less than 2 hours – you can trade multiple contracts of all these markets with the same effort.

Actual Trades from Today - Monday June 4th




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4 06 2007

What is the offSet from GMT. So I can see when these trades were taken in EST.
As far as I know EST is -5 from GMT. But that doesn’t look right for these.
Use -4 hours to convert to New York time — — anyway, 4 hours from time stamp will give you the correct time — 7 hours to convert to Pacific time for example. Thanks.

4 06 2007

Can you state Eastern Times in your Report. Thanks

NetPicks Reply: Those were taken right off the statement so didn’t want to change their time stamps – but you can subtract 4 hours from them to get Eastern Time Zone. For example the first one would be 14:20:59 – 4 hours = 10:20:59 am EST. Thanks.

4 06 2007

I have registered for the webinar but have received no confirmation or login instructions. When will this info be sent to me?

NetPicks Reply: You should have received an email immediately after registering – they also send a reminder an hour before. Check your spam/junk folders on that — if you haven’t received anything perhaps register again and look for that email in one of your filtered folders. Thanks.

5 06 2007
Joe Goodman

Per your 6/4 trade examples, you say “we did take a few trades this morning” but the times are afternoon times. Am I just not seeing your morning trades somewhere? Thanks.

NetPicks Reply: Those are all time stampted in GMT with the broker (IB) — just subtract 4 hours from there to get your EST – New York Time – they were all from about 10:20am EST – 12:20pm EST. Thanks.

5 06 2007

My eSignal feed offers their charts on a per tick basis or several different times (1 min, 3 min, 5 min, etc) but not multiple ticks. Will I get the same success using a time based chart that you get using a multiple tick chart?

NetPicks Reply: Through their Advanced Charting you can get tick charts with eSignal (second, volume and tick charts) — just add the Advanced Charting on and you should be set. Thanks.

5 06 2007
Jay Marcus


I’m in the U.K. We are currently on British Summer Time (BST) which is GMT + 1 hour. So we are still EST + 5 hours.

The U.K. based broker should be showing times in BST, but if they arestill showing GMT for some reason, then it would be EST + 4 hours.

Hope this helps.


6 06 2007

Hi…Do you mind just clarifying something before purchasing your system?
How does the system react to support, resistance and news announcements?

NetPicks Reply: If you are “swing trading” typically we just hold through these. Just a few exceptions (for example in stocks with earnings reports, or monthly with the payroll report) — when day trading forex we like to exit just in front of “major” news reports. Minors we don’t worry about. With index futures we hold unless we get a trigger right at release time. Just a few basic suggestions we cover – not everyone follows that plan but we find it takes some of the randomness out of these events. Thanks.

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