UMT Live Webcast Was A Smashing Success!

5 06 2007

Thanks so much to the 643 excited traders who joined us live today for the first ever webcast on the Universal Market Trader!  

When it becomes available tomorrow  – there will only be 300 units, and are sure to sell out .




2 responses

6 06 2007

Hi Anthony
Great presentation!
After listening to the webcast, I am excited about the Universal Market Trader package.
I am new to trading and would appreciate if you could take the time to answer the following.
a) Is the UMT suitable for someone who has no prior trading knowledge or experience?

A. If this is the case you have a longer learning curve because you will need to learn the basics about the markets, charting and brokers. We are not really a basics training course/company – however there are many resources for that that are low or no cost on the internet and in books. Only thing I can say though is we are probably not where you will lean on to learn the very basics.

b) How soon can I start trading once i’ve ordered the UMT package? Do I need to go thru the 6 dvd first before I am ready to do trading?

A: You will want to review the course materials, learn the set-ups and practice some. Depending upon experience this can be very fast, or you can take your time with it. Our advice is to never rush into the market until you are completely ready.

c) Is there a proprietary software program to download that comes with UMT? If so, what is the recommended PC specification?

A: Yes, there are custom indicators that work with one of 5 major charting platforms so far. More to come.

d) What time are the weekly training calls? I live outside the US.

A: Not scheduled yet exact time but we will vary them and always record them so you’ll never miss a thing.

e) Do I need special equipment/software to participate in the training?

A: Just to be able to get to the webcast like you did today.

f) Do I need multiple pc monitors to do the trading? I know of traders that recommend using 3 to 4 separate pc monitors when trading.

A: Start with 1, and add another when it warrants it.

g) What is the minimum amount to start a trading account in order to successfully maximise UMT trading strategy?

A: Huge difference depending upon whether you are trading stocks, futures, forex, etc… So this might be something to email or post in the forums once you start so we can discuss.

Hope to be part of the UMT family soon.
Jim C

NetPicks Reply: I put your Answers after the A: below each question above. Thanks.

6 06 2007

You say we can stop our membership at any time and we can keep the course material. Can we use what we learn with a regular trading system or do we need to have your software in order to implent the knowledge? That is, will it work outside the UMT membership site?

NetPicks Reply: You will learn an awful lot from the course materials and ongoing training that you can “take” with you anywhere. If you want to trade the UMT strategy you’ll have access to you would need to stay a member since the indicators drive much of what we do. There is a lot however disclosed and imparted that most anyone can benefit from and we’re risking the low investment (rather than the usual multi-thousand dollar course fees elsewhere) assuming that once you learn this and are onboard you won’t want to leave. Thanks.

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