Order Page Is Live & We’re Selling Out Fast!! (May Launch)

5 06 2007

Wow is all we can say! We are being absolutely flooded with orders as of 11:00am EST today when the UMT was released!  The phone is ringing off the hook, and emails are flying in faster than ever before.  Only 90 minutes in and we’ve sold over 150 sets!




5 responses

7 06 2007

Fantastic Webinar! Definately seems something newbies like myself can use & benefit from. Does Netpicks recommend/include any introductory Brokers within the course for trading mini-account for Forex/Futures?

Thank you,

NetPicks Reply: We will help direct you on choices for forex and/or futures if you like. You certainly have complete flexibility with that and have no obligation to trade anywhere except where you want. However, we are happy to point you in the right direction. Thanks.

15 06 2007

Has the Universal Market Trader Course been sold-out? I missed out 😦
Will there be a future re-release? Will this blog be continue to be updated?

Thank you,

15 08 2007

Just a note regarding your e-book. I found it to be so professionally done that I wanted to compliment you. I pick up e-books if regularly to continue my exposure and education. Your’s is simply outstanding. How or were can I go to get information on purchasing your program? Please advise.

NetPicks Reply: Thanks much for the generous comments. Glad you found it beneficial (at the perfect price!) As for the UMT itself we are going to announce our live webinar Thursday and you can sign up for that where we’ll be demoing the strategy and detailing what’s included as well as releasing all the pricing details – it will be available next week. Thanks.

16 08 2007

Will the live webinar be this Thursday (i.e. today – Aug.16/07) or will it be announced today for another day? How will the invites and details be sent to interested parties?

NetPicks Reply: There will be two scheduled for Tuesday August 21st. You should see another post in this blog with the free registration links — if it’s not up yet it will be posted very soon. We’ll see you there! Thanks.

17 08 2007
allen artis

could someone get in touch with me i would like too trade the umt

NetPicks Reply: Please sign-up for the webinar on Tuesday (8/21) and we’ll be releasing all the details on how to get one reserved. Thanks.

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