New Forex Trades Today – Thursday June 7th

7 06 2007

Really nice trading today for forex traders using the UMT.  Take your pick, GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURJPY or GBPJPY to just name a few pairs.  We had buys and sellls – multiple set-ups in all of the currencies.  The video will take you through all four markets, never once having to change the timeframe or any settings yet picking up both counter-trend and with the trend trades — you’ll see how you typically will have as much activity as you like (or as little!)  If you trade other markets besides forex you will see very similar things whether you trade index futures, stocks, exchange traded funds or other commodities.  Same strategy can be applied across all of them:




3 responses

7 06 2007

Would you please show some index futures trades on a longer timeframe, preferably the ES on a 30min chart? Thanks.

8 06 2007
Lance Fogel

Would it be possible to show time charts….3 minute charts, for example.
Also….does one have to use candle charts?

Also….when you show FOREX….could you show the FX Futures.

Im on board….and im very much looking forward to using your methods.

8 06 2007
Keith K

Mark, I see you used the 89 tick for this video. Would the results have been much different using the 55 tick? Thanks

NetPicks Reply: 55 or 89 would be quite similar on that session — both are good choices for daytrading forex. I have found that to be the case across most of the active pairs — there will be some differences — for example the AUDUSD doesn’t “tick” as often so an 89 tick will almost be like a swing trade for it, but on the other “faster” pairs it will be a true day-trade so you can adjust that based upon what you are looking to do. Thanks.

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