Trading Multiple Markets in Multiple Timeframes

8 08 2007

We’re quite excited about our first public release of the Universal Market Trader (UMT) — it has been so rewarding to have people learn the strategy and trade it live over the last couple of months.  The feedback has been amazing — we are very excited to share with you in the coming days what actual UMT Owner’s are saying.  They say it better than we ever could.  Some of the comments have blown us away.  This video gives you a quick overview of the UMT and you’ll get some glimpses of the markets we can trade with the strategy but it doesn’t end there.  Forex, futures, stocks — day trading or swing trading.  It’s all available to you with ONE strategy.  Master this one and you have limitless choices.  Over the next few days, we’ll be posting videos and screenshots so you can see the strategy performing on a variety of markets and timeframes.  And, you’ll read and hear from actual owner’s.  Bookmark and come back often – we’ll be updating this blog frequently.  Great success to you.

To view a high resolution version of this video:




One response

10 08 2007

Looks really good – I almost bought back in June but got busy and then missed out. Glad to see it’s coming back – can you show us some other future markts too in the videos?

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