Dow e-Mini Futures +95 Points under 1 Hour

10 08 2007

You’ll see in the video below how we trade the Dow e-Mini futures, another very popular market to trade actively.  In this example, we show you an actual chart from “today” – when we are posting this message.  Excellent morning on one of our popular timeframes.  Ending with 6 wins – 1 loss and almost 100 points profit which is quite strong in the amount of time we traded in.  There were actually two more winners after these trades you’ll see — but at that point it was such a strong day you could finish and be done with an excellent profit.

One of our owners emailed us yesterday: 

Hi Brian,

    I just thought I’d share these results with you. I think they are fantastic.   I learn an awful lot while I’m in the room with you. Even though you trade at the speed of sound ( lol ). I’m not at all knocking it…actually it’s something that I admire. The results dont lie…the system is effective in many time frames. Thanks again…and cya tomorrow.


Billy was referring to a live room we offer as part of all of the training we offer so you can actually learn interactively with us — even better are the results he was reporting on the Dow e-Mini…73% winning trades.  Profit Factor of 8.20.  1,345 Points of profit.  Average trade of +$65 (one contract including wins & losses) — all over the last couple of months.  Even figuring in your commissions and a tick of slippage you end up with a strong bottom-line.

Here’s the video for this session to give you an idea of what is possible.  Be sure to leave your questions in the Comments area below (just click Comments) and we’ll answer those for you  – just check back for an answer and if you want us to cover some other markets in upcoming videos and examples just let us know in the comments. 

Dow e-Mini Trading Video for 8/10/07 – Click Here to Play




2 responses

10 08 2007
Roger Blenson

watched the video. you mention the profit targets – I think you said you get exact stops to –is that right?

10 08 2007

Thanks for the video-found it interesting

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