UMT on Crude Oil Futures 3 Wins – 1 Loss Today

10 08 2007

We’ve got a chart for today’s trading on the Crude Oil Futures.  This market starts trading at 9:00am EST (New York time) and is very a tradeable market as you’ll see.  Today was not unusual in its movement by any means.  Volumes are solid, over 200,000 contracts traded today and $10 per tick (0.10 increments) along with a fairly narrow bid/ask spread make for a market we like to consider.  As do the steady results.  In fact, one of our curren UMT Owners posted this a couple of days ago in the Owner’s forums:

Here’s some data on the 233 tick, a good timeframe

Number Trades = 113
Win % = 73%
Edge = 69%
Avg/ trade = $ 82.12 per contract

144 tick timeframe
Number Trades = 109
Win % = 75%
Avg/ trade = $112.96
Profit Factor: 10.76



Here’s the chart for today — 3 Wins – 1 Loss with +0.75 gross ($750 per contract before costs) — right in line with what Lou has been experiencing.

0810clb.jpgOil Futures 8/10/07




2 responses

12 08 2007

Can the UMT be used with exchange traded funds like the one for oil on the AMEX (USO)? Or does it have enough volatility to our weight the transaction costs?

NetPicks Reply: ETF’s can definitely be traded and there is training on those in the course. Usually you’ll be looking at swing trading on those markets more than day trading — but definitely, either daily, weekly charts or using larger intraday timeframes (time intervals or ticks) — with the right markets they can work well. Thanks.

13 08 2007

Great action and very much keeping with “trade with the flow” – the one challenge that all of us traders face is avoiding the periods of chop. Could you please show us some examples of where the methodology recognized and kept us from taking trades in a chop (particularly in a 89 tick/1 min in the minis or DAX).

NetPicks Reply: In today’s video (8/13) you’ll see some Dax trading on 144 tick. You also will see one minute chart for the S&P and trading through some choppiness — though there was good activity on both sides of the chop. Thanks.

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