“The UMT is probably the single most powerful trading system I have ever used.”

13 08 2007

This comment just came in from one of our current Owner’s — John Lewis.  You can hear what he has to say right here and then we’ll take you through a variety of markets from today in a video…Thanks for that John.  We’ve got numerous feedback just like that we’ll be sharing with you.

The UMT is probably the single most powerful trading system I have ever used. Now live in the markets I am experiencing an average winning trade percentage of 70% and enjoying success like never before. In addition it has reduced my market preparation time down by over 99%…phenominal!Plus, for anyone who is new to trading the training is second to none. With quality videos and easy to follow instructional information this system will by far be the single most important guide and tool for gaining the needed confidence that is necessary to becoming a successful market trader.Having traded in many futures and index markets for over ten years it is the only system I have ever seen that is applicable and standardized to any market or time chart….it short this system is incredible and should be used by anyone….novice or pro to immediately add profitable new dimensions to their trading arsenal. John Lewis   Hear this UMT Owner – Click Here

 Now, lets take a look at today.  This video shows you how robust the UMT strategy is across multiple markets.  You’ll see the Dax Futures, S&P e-Mini, Russell e-Mini, Dow e-Mini and Crude Oil all from just today.  We had an excellent day across all of those markets.  Check out some of the returns after all trades are accounted for.  In all cases not a lot of time has to be spent — mastering the UMT strategy is all that is required.

See the UMT In Action for Monday August 13th

Next up we’ll have videos and recaps on forex and stocks…check back soon.




One response

14 08 2007

Thank you for addressing the “chop” issue I had previously raised, and that too, so quickly.
I would appreciate if you could please address another request. For a lot of us, trading during the European hours is the most feasible but the DAX may not be the best instrument simply due to its’ high point value, but the mini S&P is, although relative to the US session it is low on volume and therefore one may reduce the trade size. Would it be possible to show a mini S&P chart for the first hour or so of the European market and how it worked with the methodology – a lower time frame of 89 ticks or 55 ticks would be ideal.

NetPicks Reply: You typically would not want to trade off tick charts in the European session (overnight hours US) unless you used very small ones since it might move around a lot at times but the volume is so much lower you’d need to use a much lower setting since the ticks will simply be fewer. The issue is some overnights are very very slow, others have excellent movement — though normally that is an hour or two before the US session starts. I’d probably focus my attention on markets that are actively trading the timeframe you are in the markets — you can probably look at other European indices (FTSE, etc…) along with the Dax – though those will depend on the datafeed/charting platform as not all carry all the indices. There are definitely good trades at times with the US futures in the overnight/Globex session but it also can be slow going at times so might not be the first place I would commit my time. Thanks.

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