Trading the Forex with the UMT

14 08 2007

If you are a forex trader or interested in trading the forex markets you’ll want to take a look at today’s post. 

Clicking the link just below will take you to a page we put together with trades from today’s session — we’ve got day trades on the GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCAD and for those of you who would prefer to swing trade we show you those results swing trading both the EURUSD this month and the EURJPY over the last 30 days.  The strategy is designed to be effective whether you choose to day or swing trade and we actually suggest you mix the two along with trading more than one market when it comes to the forex.  Spreading out the trades seems to be the most effective strategy since certain currency pairs tend to cycle up and down when it comes to trading range/volatility and this ensures you’ve got good coverage for when that occurs.

Check out the screenshots of the trade set-ups plus you’ll get to hear a short audio from a UMT owner trading the forex markets and their opinion…also, feel free to leave comments to this post with any questions you may have – we’ll answer them for you.

0814eurusdswing.jpg Forex Trading – Day and Swing Trading Plus UMT Owner Feedback – Click Here




One response

14 08 2007

where can we read these dozens of testimonials? i’ve only seen a few on the site.

NetPicks Reply: We are posting usually one or two with each message so over the course of the week you’ll see more, including some in depth video interviews plus we’ll have a whole list of them with audio on a page shortly. We’re trying to release the ones that match the market/post we are putting up rather than just putting them all out. You’ll like what a lot of these people have to say so we’re excited to get them out to you. Thanks.

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