UMT Trades Futures and Forex…How about Stocks?

15 08 2007

Good question.  Keep in mind this is one strategy to learn that you can then trade in multiple markets.  That means stocks as well.  And, we can trade in multiple timeframes so you can day trade, swing trade even long-term position trade by just mastering this one trading strategy — all of that is done with our unique and comprehensive interactive training.  You’ll learn much more about that shortly.  In the meantime, we put together this short video to show you how we’ve been doing with several stocks — including popular stocks to trade such as Apple Computer — not just swing trading but also day trading if you prefer.  Others you’ll see are JNPR, AKAM, and the ever popular Nasdaq 100/QQQQ Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) — and your choices of stocks are not limited by any means.  If you have any questions, please leave comments to this post and we’ll be sure you get you a quick answer. 

 Using the UMT to Trade Stocks




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