What a Trading Day

16 08 2007

I’ll let one of our current UMT Owner’s sum it up:

“WOW !!!   What a day it was…unreal!  Incredible!”  Jurg R.

We’d have to agree.  Certainly the type of volatility and range we saw today is not an everyday experience.  It is a very special day when this happens but the UMT strategy just loves trading days like this.  Just knowing that on occassion there are days like today waiting out there is enough motivation to trade through even some of the quiet, low range days.  Some other comments from Owner’s today:

“Trading the 987 tick on ER2. Just hit target on a monster crossover trade. Setup bar 12:19 long at 754.60 stop @ 741.80 PT @ 767.40.”   (Profit +12.80 Points – 1 trade = $1,280 on the Russell e-Mini)

“Yeah, this volatility is uhhhh…pretty extreme. Wild and crazy…and also very profitable… “

One of our Owner’s submitted his review of the last three months trading this market to the rules on the same timeframe:


Trading takes you through various cycles and market conditions.  We always remain realistic – the strategy is built to perform in a variety of market conditions and we know the difference between an average day and a truly spectactular day.  Not every session can be spectacular like today.  But, many can be consistent and “average” and as you can see from this three month review, average can work quite well even after commissions and slippage.  Today’s video we’ll walk you through an active timeframe on the Russell, and whether you traded that or any of the other futures markets (S&P, Dow, Nasdaq, Dax, etc…) there was just great movement.  Enjoy the video and be sure you scroll down and sign-up for our free webinar presentation on Tuesday, August 21st below. 

 Russell e-Mini UMT Trading Video 08/16/07




One response

20 08 2007

I can’t access this video. Also is ninja trader a platform that UMT can run on?

NetPicks Reply: Will check on the video. Yes, Ninja Trader is supported and you can trade the UMT with it. Thank.s

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