Trading the Futures with the UMT

10 10 2007

The Universal Market Trader strategy is finely tuned for trading the futures.  If you like trading markets such as the Russell e-Mini, Dow e-Mini, Crude Oil Futures, Dax Futures, T-Bonds or any other active intraday market than putting the UMT strategy to work for you is ideal.  Day trading with the UMT takes simply learning the strategy, the three basic trade set-ups and focusing on the best times of day.  In fact, most of the time when you day trade you can be done in an hour or less.

Even better, you’ll be able to trade markets you may not have considered before since you’ll be mastering  a strategy than can be traded across multiple markets.  So, if it ever intrigued you as to what type of profits you could earn in markets such as Soybeans, Gold, Crude, Euro Bund or T-Notes you’ll have new opportunities you may never have considered before.  Plus, you’ll have swing trading trades in addition to day trading – you can pick the timeframe that best suits your individual style.

Here’s an example of our Russell e-Mini results from just last week – notice the bottom-line there was over 11 points @ $11 per point = $1,100 per contract.  Take out a modest amount for commissions and a tick of slippage and you are still left with a very nice return – even better, this was just a very average week for us — there’s times we do 2, 3 or even 4 times better – per contract!  (click the thumbnail to see the details)

Russell e-Mini Results - 1 Week

In fact, if you want to see a bigger set of trades for the same market here’s even more results – and this is just one market, in one timeframe – you’ve got a lot more to choose from!


Be sure to get your entire Universal Market Trader Strategy and Course.  All the training, customized indicators, total support, Owner’s Club access and step-by-step guidance to implementing the UMT in all of these markets…and many more!

You won’t get a better introductory price either – grab it here




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