Welcome To Our All New Blog & First Trading Video!

16 01 2008

Thanks for stoppig by!  We’re here to make it worth your while with some fresh videos showing the UMT in action! 

Also if by any chance you didn’t register in time to get a copy of our CD mailed to you, you will find the download link and instructions here:

http://www.netpicks.com/UMTFreeCD.zipThis is a .zip file. You simply go to that link, save it on your Desktop and run the file. You should have WinZip or similar software on your system that will unzip the file for you. Place it in a directory that is convenient and extract the files. Once you do that you’ll have the entire contents of the CD. All you need to do is run the file called: Please_Run_This_File_To_Start_Demo.exeAnd it will bring up the menu and the links to each video plus the bonus book.

We hope you enjoy the exclusive content we have put together for you.

You’ll find some great videos, our info loaded ebook, and some special bonuses as well. We are strong believers that once you begin to grasp the concepts we talk about, you will open your eyes, to a simpler, more flexible and far more accurate approach to trading!




3 responses

17 01 2008

I liiked the 30 Minute pdf. good points. seems like a good course. i will be back checking in

17 01 2008

Also like 30 minute pdf. Am a total novice to trading so will be back to find out more.

NetPicks Reply: Thanks for stopping by. We all start at novice level at some point — the key is to commit yourself to the strategy and the education. If you stay with it you’ll be happy with the end result. Most important, is avoiding all the usual pitfalls beginning/intermediate traders find themselves in — this is a way to shortcut around some of that as well.

18 01 2008
Tom OConnor

Hello, On th video from Dec 16 I have a question. The first short trade from 702.4 had a target price of 700.5 but the stop was set lower at 700.4. Is this just a fluke in the software?

NetPicks Reply: That was just an updated stop if there was trailing on the trade after hit hit target – in our example though we were exiting at the fixed targets and not trailing. The original stop on the short was 704.40. Thanks.

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