Watch the UMT Succeed Today

16 01 2008

UMT = Universal Market Trader.  What is it?  It’s a strategy.  It has custom indicators.  It is a complete educational trading course.  It is a trading community.  It continues to evolve.  The UMT is all of this.  That’s what has excited so many of our current Owner’s and that’s why we have been so excited to release it again to the public.  But first, it’s important that you learn as much as possible about the UMT and over the next few days we’re going to give you that fast, crash course.  You’ll see how it works, how we trade multiple markets and multiple timeframes.  It’s worth the return visits – come back to this blog once or twice per day.  We want to be sure to show you everything you need to learn about the UMT “way” of trading.  We’ll start today with a video from today — and you’ll see how we traded the exciting and active Russell e-Mini market.  Picking up 4 wins in just over 30 minutes.  Nice trading day today – but that extend through a number of markets you can trade.  Take your pick.  Forex, futures or stock.  Day or swing trade.  It’s all there.  Here’s your first peek:

Trading video with the Universal Market Trader Wednesday January 16th 




6 responses

17 01 2008
Jason T

This looks really good – I’ve been waiting for it to be available again. Can you show us some swing trading as well soon?

17 01 2008

I’m interested but have limited finance.

NetPicks Reply: Thanks for your interest Tony. We do our best to make it as reasonable as possible – it’s very powerful and combines everything from strategy, indicators to real education but we do our best to make it manageable. We’ll have more details on that soon. Thanks.

17 01 2008
Ken Long

Thank you, this is very interesting. You are working trading vehicles and time frames that I have not yet broached, yet am extremely interested in. Your basic strategy is easy to see, (I tend to be a swing and position trader by nature), and its easy to see how it applies to multiple time frames.

I have a couple of questions as you produce these introductory videos. Does your software produce these alerts, with entrys and stops automaticaly? Does it have a filtering and rating system that can sort these various signals, across multiple trading vehicles and multiple time frames, to bring the best signals, with the highest potential and the highest probability to the top?

Thank you, I will watch for your videos as they come out.

Ken Long

NetPIcks Reply: The indicators will give you some alerts when certain set-ups are close — and you can identify the others and final entry points once identified. The entries and stops are exact. We do also have some automation built and available for the forex trades since that market trades at odd hours. As for sorting signals, there are three set-ups. Each is as good as the other and we tend to take whatever occurs without trying to over-think it. Thanks and keep checking back.

17 01 2008
Wolfgang A Geihsler

I.ll have looked at the first video and I am impressed.Tell me the Price and the time when you condinue with the nexed Video.I,ll caned wate for the nexed to beginne,and teach me more.You sayed your Program works on annykind off Market even on Forex .
Thank you very much and I hope
hearing from very soon Alex

NetPicks Reply: We have just uploaded our latest video that covers the Dow e-Mini. Over the next couple of days we’ll update this at least twice per day so we can try and cover a little bit of what everyone is interested in – we’ll have some forex, commodities (oil, soybeans, etc..), stocks and other timeframes such as swing trade. Just try and check back once or twice per day. Thanks.

19 01 2008
selva selvakumar


Can you show me a video of currency trading. Can it be traded after hours like 5pm or so. How much is required to start and the cost.



NetPicks Reply: I expect our next couple of posts to show the UMT and currency trading. As for after 5pm that is always dependent upon the market you want to trade having volume/volatility. In general the “JPY” crosses (USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY for example) are good choices for that timeframe.

20 01 2008
GR Licata

I want to purchase UMT, how do I do it.

thank you

NetPicks Reply: Thanks so much for your interest. The good news is we’ve had it off the market but are opening it back up for a limited time this upcoming week. All you need to do is keep your eyes open for the live webinar announcement — definitely attend that and then you’ll be able to get signed up since we want to be sure you know everything you are going to get – it’s very comprehensive. Thanks.

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