Can You Swing Trade with the UMT?

18 01 2008

Absolutely. It really is as simple as that. The same exact methodology that is taught in the course, that we guide you through until you have it mastered, is used when swing trading. So, if you prefer not to day trade, or if you like to mix your time-frames than once again this is the strategy and course for you. The reason? You do not have to try and master numerous different strategies for every market or time-frame you’d like to trade. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to master one strategy and know that it can succeed in multiple markets and timeframes?

In today’s video I’ll walk you through trading just one of many stocks you can trade — Sina Corp/SINA. It doesn’t matter if this was the QQQQ, EBAY, GOOG or futures such as Crude Oil or forex — the same rules and trades you see in this video apply to any of those markets – no matter what the time-frame. Take a look — you’ll see some great trades as well the last few months:

Watch the UMT Swing Trade on a Daily Chart – Click Here




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