Lets Look at Some Results

18 01 2008

We thought we’d take a look at some recent results.  Looking at November and December — this is almost always a timeframe that is slower with less range due to the holiday’s.  We’ve already seen just how well January 2008 has been — so far an excellent month with the increase in volatility.  But, lets take a look at a period of time that had less range and volatility — we still had the consistent results we are looking for.  Here are some examples of markets that are tracked and traded with regularity – and only of the many timeframes possible in each:

Russell e-Mini 

101 Wins – 45 Losses    +108.80 Points ($100/point gross before costs = commissions + any slippage)

Dow e-Mini

69 Wins – 28 Losses  +836 Points ($5/point gross before costs)

Dax Futures

84 Wins – 36 Losses  +469 Points ($25 EUR/point before costs)

Crude Oil

87 Wins – 46 Losses   +12.34 Points ($1,000/point before costs)


57 Wins – 25 Losses  +118.25 Points ($50/point before costs)

This is by no means all inclusive but you can see the steady win/loss ratio.  The range above from 65% – 75% just following what is taught.  And, the results week to week were very consistent.   There are definitely other markets and timeframes we can look at, sometimes even better but the key here is you can see the flexibility you’ll have once you start trading with the Universal Market Trader.  It clearly pays dividends to those who learn the strategy, put in the time and become experts.




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