Results from the UMT Live Training

19 01 2008

 One of the things we provide our members is “Live” training every Tuesday and Thursday.  This is very beneficial in reinforcing what you have already learned from the course materials.  It was another good trading day for the UMT and you’ll see the entries, exact targets and stops.  Watch one of our traders/trainers walk you through his trades on the Dow e-Mini Futures.

 Chart of the Dow e-Mini Futures for 1/16/08

Click Here for the Full Video – Live Trading of the Dow e-Mini Futures




2 responses

19 01 2008
Chris Bouzaid

Do you have a video showing the signals for forex? CB

NetPicks Reply: You bet. Next up on my list is the forex – I’ll have a video plus some results for you. Check back tomorrow. Thanks.

19 01 2008
Alan Peters

I like what I see about UMT on your website, and the testimonials from existing users reinforce that.
I have not been able to find any other means of expressing my interest except by writing this message. Perhaps you could let me know where I should go to register my interest.

NetPicks Reply: The good news is not long to wait now — we’ll have word soon on a live webinar to see more than open it up to add new members. Thanks.

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