You Can Trade Forex with the UMT

20 01 2008

Since we get this question a lot…the answer is a definitive…YES.

The Universal Market Trader strategy is effective within the forex markets.  There are a number of pairs that can be traded – the most popular are typically:  EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD among others.  There are choices whether to day trade or swing trade and when you day trade forex we only focus on the times that have the most activity – throwing out most of the 24 hour day.  No need to waste 20 hours since only about 4 hours will have movement worth trading.  Swing traders of course will look at larger timeframes and look for opportunities longer than intraday.

We take it even one step further with the forex on the UMT and have programmed some automation to help you.  The reason?  The hours can be challenging depending upon where you are in the world – and this automation that is included if you like to use it, can help.  Not to mention it’s just a great way to help identify the trades when you’re having your computer do the analysis for you.

Here you can see just three markets, one timeframe for each (of the several that can be traded) and you’ll see how consistent the performance has been.  These are not filtered at all for news or times we would use our rules to prevent some trades — this shows everything — with our filters it actually even gets better.  But, always best to take a look at just what happens when all trades are taken.  Notice the win/loss percentages go from the 65% – 80% range.  The profit factors are quite strong, and the equity curves have clear trends to the upside.  All important factors.

Click Here to See Some Results from 7/1/07 to Present

Here’s also some feedback we received recently from an active UMT subscriber:

“I thought that I had a fluke of a week ending on 11.16.07 when I brought in 1095 pips because that was the last week prior to a major change in the strategy version. Well, this week proved to show that lightening can strike twice – during the last 2 weeks, my settings have produced 1003 pips. Results for this week:

1.4.08 Trades Wins Losses Total
AUDJPY 1 1 0 77
AUDUSD 1 1 0 26
EURJPY 3 1 2 -27
EURUSD 7 6 1 55
GBPJPY 13 10 3 548
GBPUSD 4 2 2 15
USDJPY 4 4 0 187
      Total 887

Great start to the new year. In the last email that you sent me, you mentioned that you had missfires … can you elaborate? I haven’t seen any in weeks.

Have a good weekend.”

Mark Sellers




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