UMT Simple Plan Unveiled

15 05 2008

Here’s the training for the new UMT Simple Plan. The UMT Simple Plan is a set of easy rules for trading the UMT trading strategy. Fewer indicators and faster to learn and trade. This video is about an hour long and details the entire trading strategy that we have released for the UMT Simple Plan. If you want to skip right to seeing it perform on the markets, look above at the other posts and we’ll walk you through just some of the markets and timeframes you’ll be able to trade. It truly is the easiest strategy to master we’ve ever released.

To view the video recording now you can go here:

Give it a bit to download the initial portion and then it will stream uninterrupted.




4 responses

10 06 2008
Robert Boneck

How is this different from the Ultimate Trading Machine? Which I currently own.

NetPicks Reply: Hello. It’s a completely different strategy. There are a number of differences but a main one is the flexibility to trade in multiple markets and timeframes. Whereas the one you have is very fixed on certain timeframes and markets, this works across forex, futures and stocks – day and swing trading. When we developed it, that was one of the main things that prior owners asked for – a lot more flexibility – that’s all built in. The Simple Plan also makes for a fast learning curve which is always ideal. Thanks.

10 06 2008

I also own Ult. Trading Machine and I don’t want to trade any other markets (I trade ES and ER) and I don’t want to trade any other time frame. Is UMT simple going to help me at all even though I don’t need “flexibility”?

NetPicks Reply: My suggestion is to watch some of the videos we have for those markets – there are several here that cover the ER2 and I think one has some ES plus look at the sample results — those two markets are prime markets to trade the UMT Simple. There’s several good timeframes in each but usually isn’t a problem to have one that fits the style/frequence you like. You’ll be pleased.

11 06 2008

Its an excellent performance. I trade with forex currency pair.Do you provide any
such material for forex trading? I mean indicators; tips when to buy when to sell etc….??? If yes I will be happy to continue with you. I heard that you are selling auto trading software for forex trading??
Pls do reply by email given above.

Vijay Ganpatye
Bombay INDIA

NetPicks Reply: The UMT can be used with forex trading. That is all detailed in the training and course. You do have to learn the best timeframes to trade forex which we assist you with – just because it trades 24 hours a day doesn’t mean that all 24 hours trade the same – they do not. That’s important. The software does not auto-trade for you — it does most everything with the strategy you’ll learn to see the set-ups and targets/stops but you place the trade. Thanks.

12 06 2008
Paul Anscombe

Please can you explain two things..
1. If I sign up to the UMT do I get all of it, or is the simple plan a separate part?

2. What is the monthly fee for if all the information and rules are in the original package purchased?



NetPicks Reply: Great questions – we’ll have all that answered in detail in our Monday webinar — please be sure you sign-up since we’ll have all that covered plus some interesting news for you. Thanks.

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