UMT Simple Plan – Friday 5/16th – Dax, Russell & EURUSD Take Charge

17 05 2008

Friday trading for the UMT Simple continued to be quite good. The star markets on the day that we are tracking:

Russell e-Mini (+16 points), EURUSD (+88 pips), Dax (+120 points), Soybeans (+34 points). The only real dog was Crude Oil (-1.29) though just a portion of what it made on Thursday. 89T would have done far better on Crude this time. Works out that way sometime.

The video today we’ll show you the Russell in some detail, including a discussion of what to do when you have a larger than average risk on a trade. Speaking of the Russell, with +26 points in two days you can see there can be power even in simplicity.

Keep in mind the markets and timeframes we are showing are just scratching the surface of what you can do. Don’t forget you stock traders – the UMT Simple is very compelling on stocks as well!

Here’s the video:

Have a great weekend!

Get started today with the UMT Simple Plan! If you are a returning Owner just reply back to your email with the request to restart you – we’ll get it done immediately! Or, if you’re a new and want to own the UMT then use this link (or the one in your email) and we’ll both waive the $99 set-up fee and cut $100 off the first month — $199 instant savings to celebrate the Simple Plan’s release:




6 responses

17 05 2008
Jay Hendon

I’m ready to restart UMT but I don’t see anything yet indicating it will operate with my data provider eSignal. Is it ready for eSignal yet?

NetPicks Reply: Yes, fully compatible with eSignal. You are all set. Thanks.

17 05 2008

I listened to your webinar last week — I’m going to start Monday. thanks for the videos since I want to try and figure out a quick as I can what markets I should look at — seemed straightforward to me but I’m sure I’ll have questions once I start

17 05 2008

Would I have any issues using your website, on an iMac….??

NetPicks Reply: You’d need to be able to run one of the several charting platforms that we work with — such as Tradestation or eSignal (there are others as well – these are the major ones) — so my assumption is that depends on whether you’re running Windows emulation to run these. If so, I would assume so but they are both Windows based apps.

17 05 2008

Further to my above ?s….
I’m in Australia…Will this work for me, out of Oz…??
My main interest is in the Dax, as that comes online early evening here.
What do you offer on the dax please…??
I am a little confused with exactly what you offer, and at what cost…!!
Would I need my own Charts..??
Are yours live..??
Do you have a recommended Broker out of Australia…who has a live Trading Pod, which puts trades on, with the stop loss also, at the same time..?
It all looks very well set up, so well done to you…but it also needs to work from my end.
Thanks for your intro. email to me.

NetPicks Reply: Joshua, we have a fairly sizable Australian contingent – so much so that we now have an office in your part of the world so you’ll get local support. The Dax Futures is a favorite market to trade with the UMT strategy. You would need your own chart/datafeed — Tradestation or eSignal are both excellent choices — our proprietary indicators get installed to work on either (plus some other platforms such as Metatrader, Sierra Chart, Ensign – but we suggest the other two preferably)…If you have specific questions for Australia brokers/market send an email to — he would be more than happy to help you — he is based in your area. Thanks.


17 05 2008

Thank you for your very quick reply above.
I will now ‘bother’ Shane…..

17 05 2008

Are the proprietary indicators linked to the membership program or do we get to keep using them if we cancel our membership?

NetPicks Reply: They are linked to the membership. Since we’re not taking the traditional route of charging $5,000 – $15,000 for the course upfront like most, we instead have just the monthly fee — and if you decide later to get an unlimited license we do offer that. However, we’d rather you have success first, then you can feel totally confident to invest in the unlimited. Thanks.

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