UMT Simple Plan – Recap May 15th – Crude & Russell Take Day

17 05 2008

Starting today we will start an ongoing series that will show you the UMT Simple Plan on a variety of different markets and timeframes. We’ll tend to stick to the same markets and timeframes for a while to keep consistent and get a good measure of performance and expectations.

Lets start today with a quick recap of the markets we’ll cover, the outcome and then a video you can watch to walk you through some set-ups to ensure you’ve got this Simple Plan mastered. Won’t be long — it’s very straightforward.

Markets Covered: Russell eMini (ER2) 144 Tick Dax Futures 144 Tick Crude Oil 144 Tick EURUSD 144 Tick GBPJPY 144 Tick Soybeans 89 Tick Apple Computer 4 Hour Chart Sandisk Daily Chart

Today was very good for the Russell (9+ Points), Crude Oil ($2+ on just two of many potential trades), EURUSD 50+ pips, GBPJPY 50+ pips, DAX Futures even (good comeback after 2 losers), Soybeans, Apple and Sandisk waiting on new trades

Video Training/Recap:

Get started today with the UMT Simple Plan! If you are a returning Owner just reply back to your email with the request to restart you – we’ll get it done immediately! Or, if you’re a new and want to own the UMT then use the special promotional links in your email or:




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