Monday & Tuesday Winners…and Losers?

20 05 2008

We have continued the run of good trading conditions for most of the markets we’re tracking. It’s the ideal mix since we’re seeing very clear set-ups on the buy and sell side, which is the idea with the Simple Plan. It’s quick to learn – which is key. You’ll be trading it successfully much quicker than before.

Even more important, is seeing how it reacts after a losing trade. Sure, we enjoy focusing on the winners, and you’ve seen plenty of them but no trading strategy survives without limiting losses, and without coming back strong from a loss. This is real trading — but, we know with our avg. win/avg. loss ratio above 1.50 and the win/loss ratio coming in strong we’re set-up to handle the wins AND the losses.

For example, on Monday the Russell lost its first trade — after that it had 3 winners and 1 break-even. The Crude markets were choppier on Monday and came in negative for us — today in 30 minutes we were done with 2 winners that swamped the prior day’s losses.

The lesson? It’s the bottom line profits that count. And, it’s how you get there. Avoid the larger drawdowns, quickly recover and have a strategy that is consistent enough and simple enough to execute upon.

Here’s the video for Monday/Tuesday:

Tomorrow we’ll recap the last five days you’ve been following here in each market. Wait until you see the “bottom lines” — they have been impressive.

If you cannot wait, and judging by the number of new people that is a lot of you – you can go here:

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One response

20 05 2008

Thanks for the new vids. I’m going to start tomorrow, question though. Any favorite markets to trade or how do we choose? can’t wait to start using, was referred by a friend who is doing well but wondering on this.

NetPicks Reply: Good question — we have a few criteria for the markets we choose to trade. One, the market has to be the type that gives us a good executions and fills. Plenty of choices in that area. Next, we like a timeframe that suits our personality and whether we’re looking to day or swing trade. We give you quite a few timeframes you can work with in this regard. Finally, the market choice — there are more market choices than you can trade — which is a good thing. You’ll never be lacking for opportunities and our training will point you towards a good set of markets to start with — but from there there’s plenty to explore. It’s a fun process — and always a confident feeling knowing we can go where the action is with this strategy. Thanks.

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