And the Results Are…

21 05 2008

We’re working on getting you the past week’s results in each of the 6 markets we’ve been tracking since the UMT Simple unveiled. We’ll have it all posted on Thursday but just to hold you over take a look at the Russell e-Mini over 5 days:

21 Winning Trades – 8 Losing Trades = 72% Win Ratio

If you include break-even trades which means they went at least to the 1x target, that’s actually 78% of the trades putting you “in the money” — and even better? The gross points gained was:

+49.80 Points ($100 per point on the Russell)

Yes, you need to figure in some slippage on entry, and commissions but that’s just a small part of this stellar performance had you taken the set-ups as we’ve defined. Isn’t it nice when something “Simple” does this nice?  By the way, this was not the exception – you’ll see in our next update how the Dax, EURUSD, Crude Oil, Soybeans, Stocks, etc… all matched up.




One response

22 05 2008

Pretty impressive stats. I have some questions though. Do they include the re-entry trades either after a quick stop-out or after reaching full target potential? If so, are the targets on all the re-entries 1X? I am assuming that the points are calculated according to the first senario presented in the webinar (trading 2 contracts with 2X and 3X exits and 1contract on the re-entries with 1X exit). If we trade according to the alternative exit method with 2 contracts and exit the first on 1X, the stop is next moved to 1X or break-even for the remaining contract.

NetPicks Reply: Re-entries on some trades are taken when we’re not at our objective yet (which is 2 wins on the day and positive) — so there were some scenarios where we kept on going and others where we already hit the objective and stopped. There were more trades available than we took during the 5 days but our concept is to try and avoid trading all day — get in, get out. On re-entries we usually assume we’ll take (2) but there were times where only 1 was taken if the stop was a distance away — such as the first trade of the day at times. We left even more profit on the table by doing this but as you can see you can play it safe and still do quite well. On your final question, if you take a target at 1x, then your stop would go to break-even on the balance. Once your account gets to a size to handle (3) you have even more fun as you can exit at 1x, 2x and 3x. Ensuring profits even at the 1x level overall for the trade. Thanks for the good questions.

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