5 Trading Sessions Recap

22 05 2008

Since we started tracking the UMT Simple Plan for you last week, we’ve focused on the same 6 markets to keep it consistent. In this case we have representation from forex and futures. We have also shown you stock market trading in the videos but for the purpose of tracking results we went with some active markets to get enough trades in to show you the outcome we expect. The great news is the UMT Simple Plan performed exactly as we expected. A solid win/loss ratio, a quick recovery from any losing trades typically, and the ability to find the larger swings and stay with them once onboard. Here’s a recap of these markets the past 5 days:

As you can see, very good numbers. You’ve seen how it’s traded in the videos, you know this isn’t rocket science. It’s a clean, straightforward approach that makes the best of the UMT proprietary indicators and our strategy to enable us to take advantage of these market swings – don’t miss out on another trade.

Get started today with the UMT Simple Plan! If you are a returning Owner just reply back to your email with the request to restart you – we’ll get it done immediately! Or, if you’re a new and want to own the UMT then use this link (or the one in your email) and we’ll both waive the $99 set-up fee and cut $100 off the first month — $199 instant savings to celebrate the Simple Plan’s release:

Order Link Coming Soon!




3 responses

22 05 2008

What time frame did you use for the forex crosses and the Dax?

NetPicks Reply: Keith, we were using the 144 tick on the Dax futures and the forex crosses. For day trading, there are other choices – usually you’ll be looking at 89, 144 or 233. You can use regular time intervals as well but we find you get best results with the tick charts. Thanks.

23 05 2008

Thanks for the reply, however I wasn’t clear in what I was asking. I want to know the time of day you use for the Dax and Forex crosses, in exchange time or EDT.

NetPicks Reply: Dax can start trading at 9am exchange time — 6am EST. And it goes for quite a few hours so can trade up to and through the US markets opening. Futures will vary if it’s a JPY cross you can have set-ups between 5pm EST to about 9 or 10pm. From there, the Euro session tends to run about 1am – 5am EST. US session from 8am – 11am. There’s also what we call a “bridge” session between those.

25 05 2008

The link for the discounted joining fee, etc doesn’t seem to be working.

NetPicks Reply: Travis, it seemed to work just now when I tested – maybe there was an issue earlier. If you want to jump right to the order page you can go here:



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