Today Off to a Great Start…

27 05 2008

Russell e-Mini this morning hit a long @ 726.60 and ended up with +14 points on that trade – in 20 minutes. For many, that’s a highly successful week but we caught a perfect trade to start the day. Dax Futures are long right now from 6967, just a moment ago hitting a +30 point target @ 6997. Crude Oil just finished a huge move to the shot side. The EURUSD is a split decision this morning with 2nd trade short doing better. More trades to come but off to an excellent start once again today…

(UPDATED: The Russell ended with 14 points on trade #1, another +5.1 Points on the second trade and there was even a third trade in the afternoon with +6.60 points. Just the first two were worth $1,910 before commissions. We’ll take it! See the screenshot below. Remember the DAX trade from above? It hit its target at 7013 and that traded ended with 75 points using 2 contracts – which is over $2,500 USD — you can see the potential now right?)

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