See the UMT Simple Plan Recorded Webinar

29 05 2008

Here’s your chance to see a live webinar presentation of the UMT Simple Plan Live that we recorded from today’s presentation.  You’ll get background and additional information on the design, plus see the method firsthand.

The last 5 days have continued to work nicely in our demonstration markets — these are by no means the only markets or timeframes that can be traded, but they give you a good idea of what CAN be traded — the options are many:




One response

18 06 2008
Roberto Cendejas

The results posted: I have a question. When you post results you show (1x+) what does that mean and how can we interpret your results. Is is total points on a trade or based on multiple contracts? I am curios what results would have yielded with 1 lot trading.

NetPicks Reply: The 1x level is either used to raise stops to break-even OR it is used to take off part of the trade and raise the balance to break-even. It depends on whether you’re trading single positions or a market where you are either trading multiple contracts or markets where it’s easy to scale in/out (stocks, forex, etc..) — if you only trade a single contract on futures that’s fine as well – we exit typically at the 2x level. Thanks.

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