Keeps Getting Better

6 06 2008

Market volatility continues to be extraordinary which is playing nicely into our UMT Simple Plan strategy. Certainly we are seeing some moves that go beyond the ordinary (Crude Oil for example) and we are taking advantage of that. The results in the past week were very successful, but even if we return to some more normal range you can see that even a fraction of some of these results would work for you.

Always keep in mind there are of course trading costs – commissions, slippage and you do need to execute the strategy to the plan. The good news is the “Simple Plan” tries to keep it – simple – and this makes it more reliably followed and enables you to stay on the plan. You may even choose to trade less time (or more) than we do (we follow a strict trading plan which attempts to get us done as soon as possible each day) and that can impact results. There are actually more trades than we show — that could be good news for you since you can work your trading around the times you are available.

Lets take a look at this past week and the last 3 weeks since we’ve been following along with you in real-time:

Read the Import Risk & Results Disclaimer Before Trading




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