$4.50/Gallon Gas is Good For Me?

10 06 2008

Well, that’s not exactly true.  We know it’s frustrating the way the price of a gallon has skyrocketed.  You’d think there was some major technological improvement in that gallon of gas but sadly it’s the same liquid as you bought last year — just twice as expensive.  No added features.  However, there’s a big silver lining here.  Trading the Crude Oil Futures.  With the world focusing on the price of a barrel, trading volatility and volumes have gone through the roof.

What that means for us is Crude Oil (CL) has become a prime market to trade.  The UMT Simple Plan enjoys feasting on these moves.  Some of them are fairly amazing on the given day (remember just this past Friday with that record move?)

In fact, this gives you a chance to turn the tables on the high price of crude — you can actually profit on the big moves up – and eventually those moves down (yes, that actually happens sometimes during the day – even now.) 

Here’s a video of Crude Oil of today — see the straightforward set-ups and we also walk you through three trade outcomes — an easy winner, a trade that is a split decision and a losing trade.  It’s important that you see how the system handles all three possibilities.  Click the link just below:

Crude Oil Trading June 10th, 2008

Check back again tomorrow.  Stock traders we’ll show you what the UMT Simple Plan can do for you…plus more.




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