QQQ or is it QQQQ?

11 06 2008

The QQQ or Triple Qs or the stock symbol: QQQQ  – no matter how you refer to this exchange traded fund that tracks the Nasdaq large cap stocks it’s one of the largest volume stocks on the market everyday.  Today?  Over 170,000,000 shares traded.  Makes for a super popular market — tons of liquidity, tight spreads and low commissions if you choose your broker right.  Trading short is no problem and executions are electronic and fast. 

You can see the UMT Simple Plan attack the QQQ’s over the last week – which includes some really nice moving markets, and some choppy, range-bound challenging markets.  See how it handles both type of conditions in the video:

QQQ Weekly Recap using the UMT Simple Plan

More to come tomorrow – be sure you check back! 




One response

25 06 2008
Roberto Cendejas

I was watching a Video posted on 6/25 on the NQ.d 89 and it shows a SIMPLE TRADE directional going thru the trendlines and triggering a LONG that was a 3x winner… this occured around 9:20am exchange time to buy 1929.50… my same charts on the NQ.d 89 chart on TS a GAP of about 2 pts where the directional was not even crossing the trend lines…. Can you explain why this might happen I know we can use our own judgement into taking CLOSE setups, but for a NEW person trying to follow the RULES I missed this excellent winner.

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