UMT “Simple Plan” Live Webinar – June 16th @ 12pm Eastern

12 06 2008

You’re Invited!

You are personally invited to attend our LIVE webinar set to kick-off the first major launch of the Universal Market Trader “Simple Plan”! We’re set for an ‘up-close and personal’ discussion with the “Simple Plan” Developer to uncover its secrets and strategy in this exciting and highly-informative web event.

Even better, as a way of saying ‘Thank You’ to our webinar participants, attendees will gain access to an exclusive offer that WILL NOT BE OFFERED AGAIN. You read the right:

**Only those who attend the webinar will be eligible for this very exciting, very limited opportunity.

You’re not going to want to miss out on this awesome web event – RESERVE your spot now!




7 responses

12 06 2008

thanks guys and looking forward to the webinar!!!

13 06 2008
Ken Luley

I’m all signed up for Monday 6/16. I’m really curious about what this can do for my ES trading . Thanks

NetPicks Reply: Ken – S&P emini trading is one that works well in several timeframes. Timeframes that can work well typically are 144 tick, 233, and 610 for example. We’ll try to take a look at it Monday. Thanks.

13 06 2008

After seeing the results in TJ.Noon’s trading room, I want to be part of this revolutionary trading system. See you on June 16.

NetPicks Reply: Melanie, glad you’re enjoying those signals. We’ll see you there Monday. Thanks.

15 06 2008

I enjoyed trading with TJ Noon during the past 2 weeks and look forward to be in the mentoring room soon. I wish to see some DAX play too. Is it possible to see it on Monday?

NetPicks Reply: Hopefully you attended the live webinar – we moved through a lot of markets but the Dax was one of them. I looked at it today in one of our timeframes we use (144T) and it did pick-up a short at 6763 – targets were 6731 and 6715 which were both hit so very nice move there. Very late session there was a buy at 6728 with a target at 6760 and 6776. The 6760 was hit – the latter ended session at 6750 so end of day. That’s fairly late to be trading the DAX typically but wanted to at least give you an idea. Of course, not every trade goes so favorably as these two but enough go this way to make this a good trading market.

15 06 2008

Will attend and I am hoping this will be usable for option spreads. Thanks.

15 06 2008
Earl McHugh

Signed up and cannot make it. is there any way my right to benefit can be preserved?? Can I see the webinar at some later time??

NetPicks Reply: Hello – the recorded webinar post should be up now so you can watch it at your leisure. You’ll see a link that gets you in there an hour before the public so just use that tomorrow (Tuesday) to ensure you save the set-up amount. Thanks.

16 06 2008
G Church

only picked up email today….7pm 16th….any more webinars etc???

NetPicks Reply: Good news, the recorded version will be up shortly – if it’s not yet check back within the hour. Thanks!

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