The UMT Simple Plan is Now “LIVE”

17 06 2008

It’s finally arrived.  The release of the UMT Simple Plan.  Get there early enough and you’ll get all the first mover bonuses:

The entire course, strategy, training and ongoing support comes complete with the UMT Simple Plan.  We didn’t leave anything out — all that’s needed is you!  We’ll see you there.




One response

19 06 2008

Just watched the recorded webinar and have a few questions.

1.when a trade sets up wounldn’t it be easier and possably more profitable to use trailing stops instead of a stop loss so you would get the most out of the positive movement,either way they both stop out ,but the trailing stop would stop out with more profits…correct?

NetPicks Reply: Trailing stops can be great and those strategies can be deployed. What happens though with trailing stops is people struggle with the subjectivity of trailing that stop and having something that is dependable to lock in the gains yet give your trade room to breathe. The indicators can do a nice job guiding you on that but the way we have our stair step stops moved up is similar to a trailing stop but it doesn’t require you to constantly monitor and move tick by tick.

2.Does the calculator show the #s automatically when the directional line moves through the trend lines or is that done manually?

NetPicks Reply: When our classic cross of the Directional through the Trendlines happens and sets up it shows them automatically.

3.can you expplain how to get the 2 free month trial with tradestation,which I think is a great offer for skeptics so they can try the system.

NetPicks Reply: We have a deal with them worked out so whenever you want to try that let us know and there’s a special link you follow that gives you those two months free.

4.mark said something towards the end of the webinar about trading the forex….Instead of trading full lots maybe try trading mini or micro lots….would the simple plan work just as well and what are the requirements for accounts with something like that if someone didn’t have alot of capitol but wanted to build it up using that strategy with the simple plan….what would you suggest for something like that.

NetPicks Reply: If you are limited on capital in forex you really must use the minis or even micros — obviously micros your trades even when successful won’t add up to much but the minis for sure. It is important, make that critical that you don’t use too much margin in forex even if though your broker will let you.

5.and lastly,I traded the sp emini and noticed my orders not getting filled right away or not at all,but you said the dow eminis get filled much faster and more that correct?

NetPicks Reply: Yes, that is typically correct. There are less contracts on each side of the bid ask, plus it trades in more ticks per session (like the Russell e-mini) — if they ever move the S&P emini to 0.10 ticks that would really help that though there’s really no mention of that. At any rate, that does help typically having less waiting time. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll always fill at your limit order but it usually comes quicker when you do.

Thank you…..and the plan looks great,just have some questions before I jump on board.

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