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18 06 2008

Hello again. The video we have for you just below takes you through trading on Wednesday June 18th. We are covering several markets, the S&P e-Mini, Dow e-Mini, Russell e-Mini and Dax Futures. Nice cross-section of futures markets that are all very popular. You’ll get a chance to see how we handle “gaps” which occur semi-regularly. This was definitely a favorable session and good to see some return to volumes and range after a fairly sideways day yesterday.

Click Here for the Video Recap of June 18th, 2008

Make sure you join us now though! We are just about out of our first mover bonuses, in particular the $99 savings on the set-up fee. Take advantage while you still can. Even if you miss it, this is still our best deal yet on the UMT course. Remember, it’s all inclusive – training, strategy, proprietary indicators and live in the market support and training.

We’ll see you there!




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25 06 2008
Roberto Cendejas

On 6/25 ER2 144, a LONG was triggered @ 712.7 for E1 and 713.2 for E2, my trading plan only allows me to trade 1 lot, but if that were not case and had multiple contracts….. what should have been done because before these entries reached their respective T1 or their STOP, another LONG setup occurred to go LONG and triggered 713.3.. should this separate setup been taking if trading plan allows or how does your method suggest we treat these issues…


27 06 2008
forex article

good blog. I/m a newbie in forex trading.

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