UMT Simple 2.0 Navigates the Crude Oil & Dow e-Mini Futures Today

13 08 2008

Here’s the first video where you can take a close look at how we are actively trading two of our favorite markets with the Universal Market Trader (UMT) Simple 2.0 strategy.  We’ll walk you through the basic buy and sell set-ups and you’ll be able to readily see why we enter when we do.  The strategy takes over from there setting up our dynamic stops and targets — these are always different based upon market conditions which is one element that makes this strategy as effective as it can be. 

View it here, and feel free to leave comments to each post with any questions you have.  If there are markets you’d like to see us cover – let us know!  In the days ahead we’ll add forex trading, stock trading and other futures markets but we’d like to hear from you as well with your requests.  We won’t be able to get to all of them but you’ll be able to see how truly Universal this strategy can be. 

Trading the UMT Simple 2.0 8/13/08 – Crude and Dow e-Mini




6 responses

23 08 2008
andres alaff

pls let me know what i have to do in order to get a membership or subscripotion or get the software in orfder to be able to rtreade this markets

25 08 2008

Hi Andres,

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in exploding your trading potential with the UMT Simple Lifetime!

Please visit the following link to get signed-up and on your way:

Good Trading!

27 08 2008
andres alaff

I already have esignal for charting…….(just forex).
In case I get signed up would be useful or i have to get another membership
How do you manage that??

4 09 2008


We are fully compatible with eSignal so you can continue using your current
platform. The indicators work the same way as you see in our videos when
we’re using Tradestation so if you’re comfortable with eSignal you would not
need to change.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

23 09 2008
andres alaff

onother doubt pls……….
1.-esignal is only for data feed instead of tradestation that also is a broker.
how do i trade with esignal then??Do I have to open an account in some place else??
2.-Can Ihave only one account to trade futures and forex at the same time with tradestation?
thanks and pls reply

NetPicks Reply: Yes, you can open an account someplace else – there are MANY choices in this area. Our members can share their suggestions with you and we can also make some suggestions. We do have a lot of people who trade at since they offer universal accounts that can trade stocks, futures and forex in one account which is not always common.

With Tradestation you would fund two accounts – one for futures and one for placing your forex trades if you decided to trade both types of markets but that’s easily done if you choose.

30 10 2008

I have metatrader4 can you tell me is it easy to install onto as i am not a computer boffin.

Thanks Terry England

NetPicks Reply: We are here to help you with that should you need assistance. It is not difficult but we can walk you through it initially. Thanks.

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