Welcome to the Brand New UMT Simple 2.0!

13 08 2008

All the posts from here and above will all be based on the brand new Universal Market Trader Simple Version 2.0.  The posts below cover the prior version, the “1.0” — which on its own is an excellent strategy but we took into account all the feedback we received on the first version, and upped the ante on the this latest release.

You’re going to really enjoy watching this strategy trade a variety of markets.  All the important UMT elements are still there.  What are those?  Trading across forex, futures and stocks.  Trading both day and swing trading.  Having the versatility to move between markets and timeframes.  Never being boxed into any one market due to limitations of your strategy.  After all, the best markets today to trade many times are not the market of choice six months from now or two years from now.  The idea behind this Universal approach is to be able to successfully trade today and years from now.

Take a look at the videos and see how clear the trade set-ups are once you learn the basic rules.  Sure, there’s going to be a little work involved.  Yes, you’ll have to practice some to master the strategy but you’re not facing some daunting task that will take up all your waking hours.  Put in the time and effort up front and you’ll quickly be on your way.  Anything this powerful is going to take at least a little time — but it’s worth it as you’ll see.

Welcome and keep checking back as we’ll look to load up new charts and videos daily.




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