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14 08 2008

Here at NetPicks, we think that UMT Simple is pretty swell. Trade forex, futures, stocks, commodities – day trade or swing trade… you know, all those perks that just make up a darn great system.

But we do concede a bit of bias in our attitude 😉 Which is why we’re holding our FIRST-EVER Scholarship Contest!

It’s simple (like us!): Answer the 2 questions below, post your answer and on Wednesday, August 20th we’ll announce the winner.

“What do I receive?”, you ask?

  • A Lifetime License to the UMT Simple Plan System (all indicators forever!)
  • Complete Access to Weekly Live Mastery Series Webinars – Covers major topics, strategy reviews, top performing markets, and Q&A session
  • One Hour ‘One on One’ Call with Trading Coach – Your own Expert to guide you through to success
  • 3 Months of the Owner’s Club Special Features – System updates, on-going videos, articles, forums, and access to even more live training webinars
  • Invitation to Live Training Seminar at the Trader’s Expo in Las Vegas this November 2008 ($995 value!)
  • 2:1 Risk Reward Ratio: Secret to Success and Money Management
  • Instant Access – No waiting!
  • 30-Day 100% Money-Back Performance Guarantee

You can win all of the above just by answering these simple questions…

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

Post your answer here with your Name & Email address and we’ll announce the winner (and contact you) on August 20th!  Good luck!




132 responses

14 08 2008
olav molster

answer qes 1.
I have run into emotionell feelings,and that have prevented my trading success.
answer qes 2.
The Universal Market Trader will do the trading for me. I believe that I just can sit down and relax, tha Trader will fin entry and exit levels , stop loss an profit levels for me, and I do not have to care about loss, and stop losses.

14 08 2008
Barry Pomeroy

1. I work full-time and do not have a regular or set time that I can devote to analyzing charts and fundamentals. This lack of time has resulted in some poor trading choices in my market of choice, which is forex.
2. UMT will streamline my analysis time as well as open up other markets for me to trade, giving me the confidence I need to be successful and make money.

14 08 2008
Victor N. Smalley

Have tried several so called automatic trading programs and they even lost play money so quit trying to trade. If UMT is real and effective, I will gladly trade in the future.

14 08 2008
Ryan M

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented
my trading success?”

The fact that my emotions disrupt my trading strategy be it fear or greed.

“How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”
Since UMT is a powerful and successful indicator, I will rely on it no matter what the outcome will be.

14 08 2008
Don Plemons

My obstacles to trading success in a 40 year trading career which has been nothing but losses each year are a) no system which will enable me to find discipline and structure in my trading , b) chasing after every new thing and finding out it is not worth the paper it was printed on, c) not being logical and thoughtful in my approach to trading, rather being emotional and prone to changing my mind too easily, d) and trying to “hit home runs” on every trade and not being successful ever!
The trade system you have advertised would , hopefully, answer all of these shortcomings and give me a measure of discipline and structure I sorely need to be successful in consistently making money to use in helping other people in my life have a better existence.

14 08 2008
Don Plemons

My obstacles to trading success in a 40 year trading career which has been nothing but losses each year are a) no system which will enable me to find discipline and structure in my trading , b) chasing after every new thing and finding out it is not worth the paper it was printed on, c) not being logical and thoughtful in my approach to trading, rather being emotional and prone to changing my mind too easily, d) and trying to “hit home runs” on every trade and not being successful ever!
The trade system you have advertised would , hopefully, answer all of these shortcomings and give me a measure of discipline and structure I sorely need to be successful in consistently making money to use in helping other people in my life have a better existence.

14 08 2008
Daryl Osden

I have tried many systems and some work but not as well as I would like. Several offer picks and after the purchase is made they change the pick ot an opposite value based on their internal math. If you have a better system I am all for it. It seems that all of the pickers say they are the best and for most that is true for a fixed set of parameters.

14 08 2008

(1) The obstacles I run into are my own doing, I’m not very patient and tend to sell a stock at its first decline, I need help in understanding the stock market.

(2) The Universal Market Trader will teach me things that I should be doing in order to perfect my market style.

14 08 2008

1) entry and exit rules which are too difficult to identify or act upon, and therefore can’t use them consistently, and that makes the entry and exit rules ineffective
2) Success in trading comes when you have an approach, or system that you can execute with consistency. If your criteria are subject to a lot of interpretation you will not be able to identify the same market condition that constitutes a consistent entry. This reinforces the importance of simplicity.
UMT has very simple entry and exit criteria and it can be applied across markets and timeframes.

14 08 2008
frank romero

1. The biggest obstacle that prevents me from trading success is the fact that I feel that I’m constantly guessing the market and going with hype of the stock. I listen to BUY advice from BLOGs and comments quips. I want to be able to take the emotion out of trading and use known trading techniques with credibility!

2. UMT will help me take emotions out of trading! It is a technique with proven results and great tools that help you make easy BUY/SELL trades and not worry bout stock hype and trash talk! Go UMT! Set me Free from financial obscurity!

14 08 2008
Tim W

1. Cutting through the bull and hype to find a system that delivers what it promises.

2. If UMT works as described, financial independence, i.e. being able to generate current and disposable income as well as savings and trading/investment account building to support my family without being someones employee.

14 08 2008

1 – The obstacles were lack of discipline, fear when to get in and out, paralising with a losing trade whitout stoplosses, Using edging in worst way possible, Overtrading without knowing the real margin of each trade.

2 – The Universal Market Trader will become my wingman to all my future flights!

14 08 2008

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented
my trading success?”

Personally I feel emotions like greed and fear create obstacles in making a decision.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

Some how mechanize the decision process to determine entry and exit points and thereby take the emotions out.

14 08 2008
Jay Sparkman

Try to trade all day.
Not picking the prime times.
Not waiting for the correct setup.
Not enough education about trading.

By teaching me the right times to trade during the day.
The correct way to make a trade with the setups.
The experiance from others at Universal Market Trader.

Thank you

14 08 2008

1. Don’t know how to trade yet. See to many programs that sound like scams.

2.Teaching me how to trade.

14 08 2008

Wow this is an awesome opportunity! Thanks for the chance to win!

I think my main obstacle is the set of indicators I currently use are not effective enough to trade daily. Some days I will do very well but certain times of the month I can even get a series of false positives and then it turns in to a mind game. I like using the forecast osc, fibs, market map and a probability map and a few moving averages. All are very informative but they don’t always blend together to give me what I need to trade effectively every day.

Without a doubt after visiting your trading room and demos you have a system that has been tested and works. It can work in multiple markets and it has a set of rules that will keep me in line with a consistent return in the market. Top that off with some excellent resources and support and I know I will be past the mind games. I will be able to get in get my points and be able to get other stuff done other than watching charts all day.

Thanks again.

14 08 2008
Brett Ramsey

1- My biggest obstacle is emotions that cloud my judgment

2-Hopefully this could set clear and concicese boundrys to remove the emotional effects

14 08 2008
Rick Holmes

1. My Biggest problem is my fear of loss causes me to cut my winners short and let my losses run. I realize this is a strategy that is sure to fail but I’m having trouble overcoming it. The method I’m using looks for a 4 tick target with a 6 tick stop. It fails just enough to keep my confidence low and it seems that I take all the losing trades and hesitate enough to miss the winners. I have not found any consistency in my ability to pick winning trades though I have been working really hard at learning to trade.

2. I have no experience with the UMT Simple so I am speculating on the presentations I’ve seen. I hope that UMT’s indicators and money management techniques would help me develop trading practices that would be successful. I have traded stocks for years and seeing the UMT work with the stock market could help me bridge the gap between stock trading and the futures market. I see the Emini market as the ideal day trading vehicle and wish to learn a successful method to be consistently profitable to fulfill my dream of having my own retirement business as a trader.

14 08 2008
kyle serra

1)Type of obstacles- A good consistent method. I have bounced from method to method, swing trade, day trade using support & resistance but never really told you how to trade around those areas, even day trading using an oscilator. A good system is an obstacle I haven’t gotten over. I have spent over $7,000 so far and basically keep losing. Another obstacle is probably education which I have been trying to learn from these different methods but when it comes to pulling the trigger it is getting harder and harder because I lost confidence in the method and what I’ve supposed to have learned. Another obstacle is my account has gotten to barely enough to trade so it makes it hard to pull the trigger because I don’t want to lose. I just don’t have any consistency. I can’t make it 1 week with a profit from being consistent. I also keep making the same mistake of holding on to a trade that I should have let get stopped out, as a result, lose big bucks.

2)From what I read and saw a little of, it is a consistent method, I will learn discipline and to stick with it (give it more than a couple of days) and will always know how to trade around the support & resistance areas because I will know when to pull the trigger and gradually learn what is really going on after a while in the markets. It will help me learn to accept some losses but overall will have more success. So my goal is to be consistent over time and to be a succesful trader, which is different to my current inconsistency, making the same mistakes (probably due to emotion) and unsuccessful trading history. I cannot trade at the moment without adding more money to my account and do you think I want to add more money to it now? Not unless I can change my ways. Looks like UMT can defintely do that for me. I had the time to stay at home and trade and I blew that opportunity, I will have to get some regular work, which will be a big obstacle to trying to trade, which UMT has a way to start doing that I believe to pick up trends and swings. Then my goal can be a reality instead of a dead end dream.

14 08 2008

Obstacles that block my trading success: Fear, greed and impatience. Fear of loss makes a trader freeze before taking a trade; set to tight of stop loss, which is a great way to slowly drain your account, and take a small profit when one could run much farther. Greed makes a trader take small profits, too when the trade could run much longer. Greed makes a trader overtrade and trade too large a portion of their account. Impatience affects a trader when he jumps in too soon instead of waiting for a good set up or get out to fast on a winning trade.

Thinking you can predict the market instead of seeing and following the market action leads to inattention at hwat is really happening in the market.

14 08 2008

The UMT can help a trader to success by allowing the system to select trade entries and exits in a mechanical way to help dispell fear, greed, and impatience. The plan would include proper money management to avoid trading too large a portion of your account. It owuld allow one to wait for the setups and avoid overtrading.

14 08 2008
John J. Brewer

1. Not knowing how to evaluate the differences(pros/cons) of various FX brokers….not knowing what kind of indicators are the most beneficial…not having a money mgmt system.
2. A good system which one could learn and concentrate on would be far superior to trying to “wing” it on your own….I will not attempt trading without
education and a system to follow

14 08 2008
DON Perlstein

Q1.“What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”

Well, let’s see–Let me count the ways or at least offer my top 7 obstacles:
1) Confusion over whether the market is trending and whether my MACD, Stochastics, RSI, Money Flow, Parabolic SAR, and other indicators on the half dozen timeframes I am trying to monitor simultaneously are all in agreement so that I can enter a high probability set up that may be staring me in the face;
2) Guessing at what my target and stop ought to be, or being so mechanical that even when I catch a small winner I miss the opportunity to let a runner run;
3) Once a move has occurred, fear about re-entering on a pullback and uncertainty about when to pull the trigger;
4) On the rare occasions when I have attained a reasonable goal early in the day, continuing to trade and finding the profits being given back, and worse going negative on the day;
5) Having become familiar with a methodology for trading the ES, having no confidence that my methodology will work on other markets;
6) Becoming so isolated and lonely sitting at my desk and staring at my screen(s) that I truly wonder whether trading for a living is something that I could do for any real length of time even if I was successful.
7) Being so enticed by so many systems in the marketplace, that I waste my time trying endless trials in search of the holy grail and fail to commit to and refine my own skills in a system that works;

Q2) “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?” (and in answer to my obstacles):
1) Providing a simple set of indicators and entry criteria that offer numerous opportunities for high probability entries throughout the trading day,
2) Having clear exit targets and stops for every trade and a strategy to let a runner run.
3) Having a simple criteria for reentering on a pullback in a strong run
4) Expert guidance about proper money management and smart rules about taking a couple of early winners and calling it a day
5) A common methodology and indicator set that can be applied to all markets and even individual stocks
6) Providing ongoing training, support, and community that trading is no longer a lonely isolated fight against the market
7) Providing a method that I can make to work within a relatively short learning curve, and satisfying my desire to continue to learn and improve with the promise that I will receive software refinements and continuing training that can help make me into an even better sophisticated trader as I go forward.

14 08 2008
Christer Gunnarsson

Obstacles: I have done a lot of trades based on short non confirmed trends

Universal Market trader can help me with:
A professional Trading plan with hands on strategy and principles for set ups, profit targets, stop loss, markets thats have good probability for profit

14 08 2008
bernarc guite

I have not succided by my lack of decipline, no exit strategy, greed, reclesness,
I have to be a better student. follow follow practice practice, if you give me a chance.
bernard guité

14 08 2008
Dave Osborn

I’ve been trading for three years now. I’ve signed up for training from most of the “gurus” out there and – it all seemed to make sense at the time. Yes instant wealth was mine for the asking!

And, with an investment of $2000 I did pretty well. It would go up as high as $2200 and then drop to $1750 only to eventually rise again to $2000. For three years I rose and fell with regularity. I signed up for more training, spent more money on one system or another – working with each faithfully only to see the same modest gains followed by modest losses.

I decided the problem was that I just didn’t have enough of an original investment. So, I decided to save and boost my investment to $10,000. Then, I lost my job. Well, I wasn’t going to save until I got $10,000 – no, I was going to have to take some chances and go for the gusto. I was being too carefull.

So, I now have a job and have saved another $2000 to invest. I’m ready to try again. This time, I plan to stick to a plan and follow it like a religion. If it doesn’t work the first time, as long as it’s a proven plan, it will eventually kick in.

Universal Market Trader seems to have all the components I’m looking for. My goals are modest, I hope to build enough profit over the next 10 years to have the system support me in my retirement./

14 08 2008
bernarc guite

netpick can be a guiding lite, show me, give me another chance to make a living
bernard guité

14 08 2008

Perhaps the biggest problem I have faced, is money management, with a smaller account you feel you have to risk more to make any gain in profit.

I think the UMT can assist me to better understand, and to have a plan that lowers the risk involved, and tells me how much should be risked.

14 08 2008
l limpiado

1. I really did not believe UMT would work. Thought it was just another one of those expensive programs. So, I never gave it a try.

2. Given the chance, I will try it and see what you say it can do. Thank you.

14 08 2008
robbie kuretsch

1. The main obstacle in my trading has been psychological in knowing not only when to enter but also when to exit a trade which is why I have searched and believe I have found the answer in UMT simple. It don’t get much clearer for entries and exits than this.

2. I have only been a member for about a month but already I am starting to supplement my current income and hopefully one day be able to quit working for someone else, be able to work for myself in trading and spend more time with my family which is my ultimate goal. What a happy day this will be!!!

14 08 2008
michael corrado

1. not knowing exact entry, not having exact exit target & stop loss placement

2. UMT will give me all of above which will give me opportunity to reach my goals

14 08 2008

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”

In recent years I have contracted a chronic, debilitating disease. This has left me unable to study and concentrate on any intricate subject. When trying to learn how to trade forex, I have great difficulty in comprehending the many facets of it. So I have been relying on forums, signals and any help I can get. And I know that one cannot successfully trade this way. Hence i have not been successful.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

My goal is to become self sufficient with trading. I am on a Government Disability pension and I would LOVE to be able to earn enough from forex trading to be able to support myself and family and completely eliminate the need for Government assistance.

When looking at the video of UMT I noticed how simple it seems to be. (just right for me) Having so few indicators makes the chart very easy to follow and doesn’t scramble my brain. It seems so uncomplicated, everything, entry, exit, price etc. are all provided on the screen. You also provide clear, precise rules to follow.

One main item I noticed was, your honesty with regards to the success rate of your system, which you stated near the beginning of the presentation. I like that. There are too many shonky deals on the net promising the world and supplying nothing.

So with a system like yours, I believe that I could be heading in the right direction for self sufficiency.

14 08 2008
Bill Ng

1. The main obstacle is that I have a passion to win every trade. When I lost, it’s difficult to accept & that will affect my decision for other trades.
2. I hope UMT will put my trading decision on the right track and eliminates the emotinal part of it.

14 08 2008

1) I have been working during trading hours
2) I must have a system I trust implicitly

14 08 2008
Ben Maltz

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented
my trading success?”

I have been trying to start trading for years but can never seem to get off the dime. I think the MAIN reason for this is that I am never confident that my guess as to where a stock is going is correct and I’m afraid that I will loose part of my money (only “part” because I do ALWAYS use stops) if I enter a trade based on my directional guess. Basically, my obstacle is poor chart analysis techniques.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

From viewing the UMT videos on this blog, I can see how easy it is to understand the UMT system and since I KNOW I can follow directions, I KNOW I can become a successful trader by using the UMT system. I’m VERY impressed with the simplicity of both the chart analysis AND (more imprtantly) the money management techniques that I have learned from watching the videos.

Thanks, Mark & Brian

14 08 2008
Gek McGregor

1. The major obstacles are
-that it is very subjective to read trading charts live as opposed to screen shots
– it takes forever to learn how to trade the forex and then you get paralysis by analysis and that stops you from trading
-I cannot afford to stay up during the London session and hope to do my 9-5 job in the day and do the practice sessions that I need
-I have been at this for 10 years and I am about convinced that the advertisers make it sound so simple and straightforward when it isn’t
– I am tired of the hype and am prepared to be shown something radically different that delivers what it promises!!!

2. UMT sounds too good to be true and what I am looking for is something that is totally fool-proof that will take me onto trading success!!!
UMT advertises that it is a simple plan system with all kinds of on-line support and videos and more importantly LIVE training that I believe may hold the key to my success in the trading world!! Make me a believer and I would be your greatest advertiser!

Thank you for the opportunity to win a LIFE time License to the UMT Simple.

14 08 2008

Q 1 incomplete prepration

Q2 prepare me for making right moves

14 08 2008
M Khan

1. I believe one of the obstacles that have prevented me from success in trading is lack of “Discipline”. Discipline is the key. I have tried different exercises, systems etc but unfortunately could not develop the discipline to control my emotions during a trade. My emotions take over me and I make mistakes that caused me $$$.
2. With UMT, I believe I will have more understanding of the markets, more confidence in the trade, less stress. I would know my target and stop loss before hand and support from a professional team. This will help me realize my goal of a successful futures traders.

14 08 2008

1. Timely and good information has been my biggest problem, even when I have spent a lot of money for what I thought was supposed to be reliable information. I don’t expect someone to tell me when to buy and sell. I can do that by myself. What I need in understanding I can have confidence in.

2. The word “simple” in the title of your program says it all. For the common guy like me, the persons and/or programs that help me get started in the right direction, simple though they may be, is the foundation I need to be a successful trader for years to come.

Thank you for the awesome chance to win such a coveted prize!!

14 08 2008
Jim Fries

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”
Inconsistent successes cause me to lose interest and look for another, better solution.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”
Clear and concise guidelines should make my wins more consistent and give me clear guidelines for exiting the trades.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Sincerely, Jim Fries

14 08 2008
Jerry Guenser

My major problem is that I can’t trade consistently to save my life (well, I haven’t reached that point just yet…). A retired teacher whose TSA has shrunk as my waistline has grown while watching my home value/mortgage relationship turn upside-down, I have felt the thrill of victory (which makes me think I’m a bigshot which, in turn, leads to stupid decisions) and more frequentky tasted the bitter dregs of defeat!

From what little I’ve seen of the UMT and the extras in your free offer, it’s an organized, structured approach that, I hope, would finally turn me into a trader, not a gambler (although if my trading goes well, I would like to head for the Strip and play just a little Blackjack–hmmmm, November?). I have traded alone and would look forward to the support which might also hold me accountable when I even THINK ABOUT leaving the path! I admit, I want to be a winning trader because I like to win. I’m not writing this to save the endangered fild mice in Iowa. But I would like to help my daughter (college senior) pay some of her loans and help my favorite charity–Habitat for Humanity. I might also replace my ’92 Exploder and take my wife to Italy.

14 08 2008
Doug Heath

1/ The main obstacle I have had to trading successfully in the past has to be not following a proven trading method and instead becoming mislead by too many different trading ideas.
2/ The Universal Trading Method provides solid ,proven methods to follow which are backed by the best group of traders in the business today so there’s no need to look elsewhere to trade successfully

15 08 2008
Bahadur Singh

1.The biggest obstacle in my trading success was that I could not take advantage of big trending moves.I used divergence indicators which had a success rate of about 55% but I got frustrated when I was not able to enter a trend.This impatience led me to enter trades which were not supported by any defined rules.These entries without any rules ended up as losing trades.

2. The ability of UMT system to identify trends will help me get into a trend and catch the big moves.UMT simple is easy to learn and trade.The system have few simple and well defined rules of going long and short.Any novice trader can understand and apply these rules almost immediatley. Excellent technical support makes it very easy to install and use the technical indicators.The simlicity of the system makes trading stress free and stay positive.The directional indicator is a huge help to stay positive while I am in a trade.As long as the directional is green I can stay in my long postion and when directional indicator is red I can stay in short position.

15 08 2008


1. I ran my forex trading by my own perception & sometime just guessing, like I know where the market trend was going toward.

2. The Universal Market Trader will help me to attain my goals by lead me in detail what will happen in the forex price shortly so I can take appropriate orders to be able getting profits constantly. I do believe that The Universal Market Trader consists of high experienced traders who have gained a lot of experience in forex trading and have very good developed software & fundamental resources to foresee the market trend.

15 08 2008
Dan Burbank

1. One of the biggest things or detriments or obstacles to trading I really believe is the fear that accompanies losses. It affects your timing, pulling the trigger when indicators/systems are giving you the signal. I also believe that fear can ultimately affect the trust you have in a system. Good results = strong trust. Good results will equal success, and not only that but great confidence your ability to trade. #2.I believe that if you have a product that is pretty close to the mark and can produce the way you say it can, then it can only be an asset in the trader’s toolbox in helping him/her to become a highly successful trader by helping him /her feel confident and assured that the trades that are entered into are high probability trades. EVERY one of us are looking for that

15 08 2008

Question1: Emotion and the fact that demo differs so vastly from real

Question2: I hope UMT will take the emotion out of the equation

15 08 2008

1. I get emotional after entering a trade and do not know when to exit. I usually exit based on emotion and not on my trading plan. I need more confidence to enter and exit trades.

2. It will give me the proper education so I will not be emotional while trading and it will give me the proper entry and exit points so I can pull the trigger all the time without hesitation. It will also give me the added confidence of a proven and winning trading plan.

15 08 2008
colin cowell

lack of confidence and inertia

15 08 2008

Answer to the 1st question: “Lack of Trading knowledge, experience, proper tools/trading platform, strategy, and discipline.

15 08 2008

Answer to Question 2: The UMT System eliminates human emotion, performs mathematical computations neccessary for choseing the most likely successful trade, and gives entry and exit points for the disciplined trader.

15 08 2008
Perrie iLes

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”
1. Funds, dribbling into the abyss….
Having to sustain a normal job to pay all the normal bills – while trying to sift through a myriad of half truths, charlatans, quackery and outright lies, all sucking money and providing no benefit.
2. Time, not enough, 5AM- 10PM 5 days
Trying to run a 70+ hour per week job , look after house repairs, time for the children……….. even if I could cut back to 40 hours, oh what a great day that would be…
3. Wasting so much time on systems that simply don’t work (hype hype and con)
The stress of losing funds and realising those dreams are just that – so bitterly disappointing.
4. As Pink Floyd said, “just another brick in the wall”, well that’s how it feels, I don’t want to be that. But everyday the smacks and kicks from “friends” and family tell you that it’s just a stupid idea and get used to being a brick. I want and need to show them it DOES and CAN work

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

1. A consistent workable useable and proved system
2. One that will stop the need to search for other systems
3. will dramatically reduce wasted and fruitless time drains
4. Reduce stress and inspire confidence in me, my family and all who care to listen….

15 08 2008
John Wenham

!. What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”
Not having a proper trading system or the confidence to consistantantly stick to a dedicated trading stratergy.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”
I believe that Universal Market Trader will give me the mechanical system to follow and the confidence to acheive my goals and live the life I deserve!

15 08 2008

1. the biggest obstacle i”ve came across is myself,after years of failing i have
finaly realised successful traders stick to there systems religiously, fully
knowing there will be drawdowns and losses, but long term success is assured.

2. 1 believe knowing the above comment using UMT with practice, patience
and a willingness to succeed it is possible to become one of the 10% of traders
who accutally make it.

15 08 2008
Linda Ratcliffe

I’ve run into two major roadblocks in my trading so far, one of which is
having too little confidence(the notions that somehow making money should not be this easy, I don’t know enough to make it, or I don’t deserve to succeed at it).

The other roadblock is having too much confidence(like that euphoric
feeling right after a big win, when you feel like you’re on your way and
just can’t lose…or the conviction that THIS indicator/system/signal
service is going to be the one that takes me to that ephemeral “next

Confidence issues make me trade carelessly. Of course,
there are the other more easily recognized obstacles such as lack of
discipline, frustration, and fear, which influence my level of
confidence. And sometimes there are the more immediate obstacles to
success, such as a cat walking across the keyboard right in the middle
of a big trade, or me accidentally disconnecting the router with my foot
and losing internet during that same trade. But these are manageable…

UMT will eliminate the confidence issue altogether. I’ve already seen
that it DOES work, and WILL work over time. Relying on the system will
keep me from falling into the “emotional trading” trap (where I’ve spent a good bit of time already). It’s the best kind of system–the kind built by people MUCH better at it than I am! I can learn it, work with it, follow the rules, use good judgment, and watch my account grow until I’m buying UMT for all my friends(woo-hoo!). Sharing the trading day with others in the live trading room is a huge bonus, and a necessity for me. I need that connection to other traders; it keeps me focused, plus I love the camaraderie that comes from it. UMT is an altogether unbeatable combination of exactly the components I need to claim my own SUCCESS!

15 08 2008
Scott Douglas

The 1st question is easy ie… Time! or Lack of Time to Trade has always been the MAJOR Obstacle to trading. I work full time in a home for the disabled plus I am studying (full time too) for the CFA Exam. I have about one hour a day to trade 3-4 times a week. And I do not have the time to research the market (FOREX) I enjoy trading in. So I need the trading software to really do the homework for me in the market as things change so quickly.
If UMT can provide “real time” indicators which are adaptive to market conditions and free me from doing research then I will be able to trade for an hour a day and be able to build my own wealth without needing to work as a trader for someone else. This is my down to earth and ultimate goal.
Not much more to say then the above. All the best
Scott Douglas

15 08 2008

I have purchased several systems before, so far I still haven’t found the one which can make profit consistently. One of the major obstacles I have is to find the right exit. Sometimes, I either hold on to a losing trade hoping it will come back in my favor or exit too early and missing a big profit. The other obstacle I have is to pull the trigger. Because of the hesitation, I miss the trade. Then I rush to get in and end up with a losing trade. After reviewing your UMT system, I am confident that the system will easily take care of my above obstacles. The bottom line is I love trading. I think trading is the best business in the world since you don’t have to commute to and from your work, you have much less overhead and you can trade in anywhere. As long as you follow a profitable system like the UMT system, you can really make a living. I will certainly spread the words out so that more people will benefit it. Since life is short, we should spend more time to do things we really want to do such as spending more time with our children or taking a long vacation. We shouldn’t be trading our time when we are young just to put food on the table. Thank you.

16 08 2008
Lindsay Craig

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”
When I first started trading on my own I lost some money and quickly realised you cannot be successful without help. You have to do it right and quickly as the small amount of money will be eaten up with the monthly running costs like indicator fees, trading platform fees, account fees, broker fees, and if trading 1 contract every time you have to get high success. I have the passion and know in my heart trading is for me and my goal is getting up to 2-3-4 contracts by learning everything I can from the experts so the monthly running costs become less of a burden. There are heaps of trading strategies out there and the UMT is the best because it caters for all people from beginners to very good traders.

AND 2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”
The indicators that show us when to buy are the most valuable part of UMT as they take away the hundreds of hours of training to be an expert in trading and being able to work on many different markets. They are the lifeline to success and without them you are heading down the expensive road to failure. With the regular high successful trading rates I will grow my account to a stage where trading will become my main income. My long term goal is by showing others what I have achieved I want to help others into the fabulous life of trading.

17 08 2008
C Zirkzee

Most of the time I still papertrade, and thats a shame, because the trades should be succesful for 90%.
One of the problems is I don’t know were to take profit.

I hope with your help I can let run my profits and more.

17 08 2008
Earl McHugh

Fear causes me to delay my entries, because I fear that I could be making a mistake in taking the trade and on the other side the same emotion causes me to take profits too soon because of fear that the trend in my favor may end before I have exited from it with a profit. These emotions, I know, stem from my perfectionism, a problem I have always had. It is easier to recognize than it is to deal with.
2. It is my hope that your UT system will prove so effective if I follow it that I will not hesitate to act on the signals it gives me, without any delay or questioning while recognizing that losses are just a part of the game so long as they are kept to a minimum – certainly below my profits.

17 08 2008

1) Problem in confirming the reversal/turning point of a trend. If this is solved, then entry & exit will certainly be easy.

2) I believe the UMT software will take care of it.

17 08 2008
Mike Anderson

1. not enough time
2. Will streamline trading to do it quicker and easier.

17 08 2008
lynette hooten

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented
my trading success?”


2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

I was trading options when I discovered UMT last year. You guys introduced me to the futures market. I struggle with being paralyzed. Not physically but emotionally when it comes to trading futures. I see the trade. I seem to understand my entry but when it comes to actually placing the order I freeze. After I have missed the trade completely, I write down the calculations and attempt to console myself on how well I would have done but that does not make me a successful trader. If I actually am able to get into a trade, I deal with all the fear that most traders do. I have such desires to be able to help others around us yet I feel defeated in my efforts. I want to make a difference in my world. I need help. I believe I can make a difference.
I believe Mark and Brian would help me become a more discipline trader simply by seeing their persistence in trading everyday. I went to Vegas for more education in the UMT system last year. I was impressed by the performance graph Mark showed us. He explained how most traders give up just before the system or plan start going their way. I had to give up UMT shortly after the Vegas trip due to financial difficulties. I have missed the steady voice speaking confidence and enforcing rules. I am not giving up because I am a full time trader. I am working hard daily, hard work, discipline will persevere. To have the experience of UMT would help me immensely. I will make you proud if you allow me this awesome opportunity. I need this assistance. I have prayed that God would open opportunities for me and my family to make a difference. I believe in your system. I understand that this is an incredible offer and I desire to be the person you bless because I will pass it on. I am a giver so I will not take lightly what you guys have labored so hard to develop. I believe the experience you guys share with us is valuable and I need your help.
Lynette Hooten

17 08 2008

Ans 1:
I practice trading ES Future Contract and the biggest obstacles I usually face is
a) Larger Degree Trend Identification
b) Where to STOP if the market goes against you
c) Timing Potential Trade Entries
More often while trading on highly volatile market as Future Markets, ES being highly liquid and substantially volatile product to trade, one may come across the above mentioned 4 situations where the expert trading experience is put into test. Now having said this, I must also admit that no one in the industry can claim to be Expert or Guru as we can only trade what we see with highest probability of success and low risk to reward ratio. Without knowing that larger degree trend direction, trading for small benefit is as good as increasing your risk to reward ratio where if the trade goes against you, the chances of which is very high, one may incur heavy losses if not stopped out early. Let’s assume that we are able to work around this issue and try and place the trade in the direction of larger degree trend, you then come across the biggest issue, PLACING THE STOP LOSS. Some may say, DO NOT PLACE STOP LOSS. If you are right, then the market will turn into your direction very quickly. Adopting this principle is highly dangerous and may lead to blowing up you trading account. Alright, then lets put the stop loss. Oops, the market seems to know my stop loss and eveytime when I put a stop loss, the market just touches my stop loss and reverses in my direction. Oh my God, why did I put this stop loss? You see at this stage and infact while writing this post, I myself am not sure as what should I do with this stop loss matter and how effectively and realistically can I use it for an effective trading strategy. Also one must be able to identify WHIPSAWS and then the followed BREAKOUTS some of which consist of FALSE BREAKOUTS and avoid entering such trade because immediately after this FALSE RALLIES gets exhausted, a very very powerful trend is established and if you are caught in the FALSE RALLIES, we try to justify our wrong trade and try to ammend stop losses and open some more positions against the trade thereby not identifying the very fact that the market is going against us and that apart from losing on such a potential trade opportunity, we are also adding to our losses by not stopping out of the trade. IT HAPPENED TO ME SEVERAL TIMES & I JUST CANNOT HANDLE THIS. So here we are… I already lost a lot of money for this trading session. What do I have left for today? No, no. I must atleast recover some of my losses and trade aggressively this time for the remaining session. Let me show them that I can also be right and why not. You see, I am leading towards REVENGE TRADING at a time when a big trend has already reached its climax leaving behind a series of WHIPSAWS again or CONSOLIDATION pattern where I put in my orders for my UNKNOWN REVENGE TRADING. Result??? STOP LOSSES TRIGGERED, because this time I was smart enough to place stop orders. AGAIN – IT ALL HAPPENED TO ME…
I strongly feel that apart from identifying a potential trade set-ups and entries, one must have a feel of the above scenarios and develop skills to overcome these situations where chances of failures are tremendously high, as these tends to discourage our efforts resulting into lots of traders ending up in quitting this business. For me, it is my full time activity, atleast until now, while I have reduced my trading activities till I develop my skills to overcome these nightmares rather than losing any further on my trading account as I cannot afford a very big trading account, it being only few thousands of dollars and I do not hold any position overnight due to the fact that I CANNOT, my trading account does not allow me to do that.

Ans 2:
I have just seen the videos of UMT. It looks quiet promising to me. It helps in:
a) Remaining on the right side of the trade rather than trading retracements, it allows you to trade larger degree trend thereby increasing the chances of success.
b) It identifies Risk to Reward Ratio and clearly shows where to place REALISTIC STOPS and PROFIT TARGETS. Also I have seen some failed set-ups that if traded correctly on triggers produced by UMT, resulted into heavy profits – Quiet Wonderful, keeping you alert and away from being dishearted and therefore shaping out a TRUE TRADING SKILL out of you.
c) More than anything else, it gives you a clear picture of WHEN NOT TO TRADE even if symptoms shows that a trade is possible, because such trades are SHORT LIVED. Most of the softwares I have seen shows WHEN TO TRADE but in addition to that UMT also shows WHEN NO TO TRADE and I count that as a wonderful feature incorporated in UMT.

I just wish I could have a chance to trade using UMT as my current financial situation does not allow me to purchase any further softwares (I already did a lot in the past) before I have some account stability, else I would be just one of those unsuccessful trader that I don’t want to be.

Good Luck to all of you fellow traders and UMT.
Best regards,

18 08 2008

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented
my trading success?”

The obstacles that prevents me from trading success is guessing the market, fear when to get in and out, fear of loss and selling and buying at the wrong time. This has happened because of lack of a proven trading method and a money management. I have been looking for a proven trading method last two years. I’ve been trading for five years but most of the time loosing money, which has been difficult to accept and have affected my decisions and
emotions for another trades. I paper trade at the moment until I have a proven trading method and UMT looks like one.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

I had a burnout a year ago, lost my job seven months ago, I’m broke and I’m still on sick leave rebuilding my life. I’m not able to look for a new job. But what I really want is not another day job but a financial freedom and independence as a trader. This has been my dream for couple last years. 21 years working in a same company was enough. Trading at home is the only work I’m able to do and I need support from a professional team and success.
UMT looks very good showing clearly what is happening in the market and it would be a backbone for my trading, a guiding principle releasing me from emotional guessing and endless searching of indicators. I have not found anything like UMT and I believe UMT will give me confidence to move from paper trades to live trades again.

18 08 2008
Kevin OHara

1. My biggest obstacle, my wife not wanting me to lose any more money.

2. If I had an answer to that question, I wouldn’t be entering this contest.

Kevin OHara

18 08 2008

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”

a. I have refused to accept complete responsibility for all my trades. I now know that my trades are my trades, and my trades only, and I accept full responsibility.
b. I have learned much about different indicators, trendlines, price patterns, etc., almost to the point of being confused and overwhelmed. What I now need is a system. I am working on that part actively, especially to find one I have confidence in.
c. I have not allowed existing systems to work as long as needed. Because I did not have confidence in a system, I did not follow it long enough to prove its effectiveness.
d. I have looked for the holy grail of trading systems. I now know (i) it does not exist, and (ii) you can make plenty of money trading a system with >70% winners with proper money management and good risk-reward ratios.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

I realize I need a system and need to follow that system. At this point, I need a system as mechanical as possible, so I can have no grey area as to when or when not to take a trade. I need to follow a system backwards and subsequently forwards to develop confidence in the system and in my ability to execute the system.

At some point, I may want to develop my own system, but at this point the thing that most attracts me to trading is the opportunity to improve my mental stamina, awareness of emotions, and dealing with risk and uncertainty. Since there is a lot to master, having a system I can backtest (via TradeStation) and quickly develop confidence in will allow me to focus on myself.

I also like the idea of trading only based on price patterns, etc. Fundamental analysis sometimes makes me wedded to one side of a trade longer than I should be. The UMT certainly seems to be a potential solution to that problem.

I am decently capitalized and trading will not be my get rich quick and easy scheme. I am in this for the long run. However, I have bought several education materials, where I have learned a lot, but almost too much. I need system I can trade consistently with a set amount of funds, and see what happens. I need to learn about the statistics of trading a system, not just intellectually but practically.

I would be happy to document my activities and progress with the UMT if I am chosen.


18 08 2008
mark collins

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”

I trade too much money and can’t get in and out of deals fast enough, also I have had alot of bad advice from brokers, and picking software and services.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”
I really don’t know how it will help. Until I try it I can’t determine if it will work. I am willing to try and make it work though.

18 08 2008
Joe Bryant

I really only have had 1 main obstacle that has prevented my trading success. All the others are really just a subset of this main one. What is it? (drum roll please)… my inability to fully trust the system I’m using! I’m fine when winning, but when a drawdown period comes which all systems of course have, I start to lose confidence and trust, and this causes me to trade differently. I start wondering if the system needs to be tweaked, or if it’s not ‘dynamic’ enough. I hesitate, my ‘fear of loss’ increases, and I generally cause one trading mis-cue to turn into another, and then I start a downward slide. Once I ‘come to’ and realize I have been taking impulse trades and not taking the trades my system is showing me, it’s often too late. What could have been a winning month, is once again a loss.

Universal Market Trader will help me reach my goals I believe because of how dynamic it is. Instead of fixed targets and stops that work one month with one type of market personality and then not the next month, UMT flows with the market and morphs itself as changes in market personality occur. This allows me to continue to trust my system even when in a drawdown. No ‘black box’ or curve fit system I know has EVER helped a trader produce long term consistent profits in the markets. From what I know so far of the UMT system, I can feel confident that the system is ‘tweaking’ itself and that the drawdown I’m experiencing is ‘normal’ and all a part of the ‘odds’ of trading and not anything to get anxious about or a reason to abandon following it’s rules. I know that UMT has an edge, that edge is flowing and dynamic and therefore it’s able to keep it’s edge, and all I have to do is take the trades and concentrate on my money management.

18 08 2008

I dabbled with forex for over 2 years trying every “system” under the sun and consistently lost money. I would usually lose my entire account within 3-6 months… It always started the same way, a couple of winning trades and then a series of losing trades that wipes my account out.
Looking back, I believe I experienced the following issues:
– Used untested strategies with no long term record
– Had poor money management techniques (big losses, small wins)
– was lacking the confidence to pull the trigger on some trades (which would have been profitable)

I think UMT provides a solid well thought out trading strategy that would eliminate the guesswork and luck. Once learned, it would allow me to apply a methodical approach to my trading. It would also provide the foundation of solid money management strategies to ensure that my winning trades out-win my losing ones. I also love the flexibility that UMT provides related to trading multiple markets, not just forex.

18 08 2008
Jo Savage

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”

I have relied on indicators that are lagging price which has caused me to enter positions too late or to find I’m in a sideways market which then goes against me. And, of course, there have been problems in not closing positions and seeing a profit then turn into a loss. Another difficulty has been monitoring more than one market. Frequently trades have been missed on instruments I regularly trade simply because of not being able to track them in a simplified manner.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

As UMT is such a simple strategy to follow, it will assist me in only taking trades which have a high probability of success. Hopefully too, there will be less losing trades. Time will not be wasted monitoring positions which are clearly going sideways so my attention can be focused on more profitable opportunities. Being able to monitor 4 or markets simultaneously will generate more opportunities.

18 08 2008
Bob O.

#1 My greatest obstacle is that because of my cancer (diagnosed last year) I can’t focus on trading like I used to. So I feel I have spent numerous hours learing about FX and now it may be all for nothing. I want to continure to learn and trade but I also know it must be treated like a business and I just can’t afford to loose money with the current expenses I have had thrown upon me.

#2 The UMT seems like the perfect solution to my personal needs. I can still be involed with the market and not have to worry about the attention Imust give it knowing that it will greatly simplify my time. So when I am well, I can give it alot of attention, at times when I am a little under the weather I need not worry so much about my account.

Thanks for the opporunity you bring me. B.

18 08 2008
T. Haynie

1. I have had a few obsticals that have prevented my path to success as a trader.

A. I tend to over trade. Not in size of position but in frequency of trading. I can find “good looking” setups on any given day .. even when it’s clear that the broader market wants to be cown the next day .. I can find interesting setups.
This tendancy has had me buying broad market declines.

B. I tend to be confused about what to trade. It has taken me some time to come to terms with the random aspects of the markets on the short term scale. Yet I can’t make my self trade for long time frames because I’m highly uncomfortable with the amounts that must be placed at risk for longer holds with wider stops. so I focus on short term trading wading through multiple strategy concepts and hundreds of stocks.

C. The above has afected my confidance and my focus, giving me to many stocks to monitor and entry exit methodologies to consider. I’m not locked as a trader but it tends to make me a bit of a gun slinger. If I can’t decide between 3 items to fill one open slot in my MAX HOLD number of positions.. i’ll buy all three and then try to close the weakest ones quicker. Some times works great.. other times not so great. consequently I have a struggle with confidence in my own trading ability and my ability to read the broader context of when to trade or not trade. Probably because I need to settle on one methodology used on a few tickers repeatedly, that I have confidance in.

2. Universal market Trader will help me focus on a a methodology that I can have confidance in. This will allow me to trade the proper size for it’s expectancy and become comfortable with trading again. It will allow me to see tradign as taking several small bites of the action and work a probability over time rather than consider each winning trade a small blessing bestowed by the market Gods.

T. Haynie.

18 08 2008

1. The obstacle for me has been deciding what and when to trade. All other systems I’ve tried have been too complicated and required skilled interpretation. With UMT Simple it’s all laid out on the chart – all I have to do is place the trades and manage them. Couldn’t be easier.

2. Instead of spending weeks or months wading through a mountain of instructional material, I was trading live within a couple of weeks so I’m already on the way to my goals. The programme is so easy to learn and inspires confidence, so I’m much more relaxed and can concentrate on trading.

18 08 2008
Paul Di Peco

1. Lack of confidence in all the programs, systems and scams I have purchased in the past has prevented me from being a trading success.

2. From what I have seen and read of the UMT Simple Plan 2.0 from Netpicks, I will be able to trade with the comfort that I should be on the winning side of the trade more often than not. No more second guessing if I should have pulled the trigger. I will follow the PLAN (SIMPLE PLAN that is) to success.

18 08 2008

1…..“What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”

Trading what I “think”… rather than trading what I “see”…..

2….“How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

It’s simple (like me!) 🙂

I appreciate that having a good “system” is not a substitute for being a good “system trader”.
The UMT is a “proven system” which will help instill the confidence and discipline necessary to follow the plan…….

18 08 2008
Tanmay Prakash

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”
Ans: I’ll keep it simple and small. Full-Time job, lack of experience and confidence, lack of trustworthy sources for tips and insider news, lack of ‘The perfect system’ to provide me with accurate speculations along with entry and exit points with the presence of stop/trailing stops.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”
Ans: Again, short and simple. UMT will help me achieve all of the above things that I lack. It’ll help me gain confidence with its experience and expertise in the market. It’ll serve as a trustworthy source of information and tips that I can rely on. It’ll proveide me with accurate to the minute entry and exit points so that I can finally relax and use the UMT perfect system to gain exponential profits just at the click of the mouse and be at peace that I’ve made the right trade every time, time after time.

Tanmay Prakash

18 08 2008

1) My main obstacle has been lack of confidence in whatever system I am building or testing.

2) Simple 2.0 is remarkably similar to the basic system I’ve been toying with for months, so I’m looking for it to provide the confidence boost that gets me rolling to profitability.

18 08 2008
hedvig schmidt

1) Main obstacle has been too low of a reward w/too high initial risk with too low win% =’s I want to beat the crap out of my neighbor’s dog.

2) UMT’s rule-based method with logical repeatable entries, trade management & exit appear to address the most important ‘issues’ I have had in trading recently.

18 08 2008
Mary Kava

1. Obstacles
I have trouble staying in trades moving in my favor; I lose confidence and exit too early. I also tend to deviate from my trading plans, and often trade without a plan at all — just winging it. Needless to say, this hasn’t been successful.

2. UMT
This looks like a complete trading system, so that I could follow it and take my own feelings out of play. I’m also impressed with the quantity and quality of the training and support material you all supply.

18 08 2008
Stephanie Suzor

Question 1.
Types of obstacles: being an idiot and not having stops, getting overly emotional about the money, and being impatient. (The answer that fixed it a ll?: DISCIPLINE!!) Besides, (being a woman) I have the uncanny ability to turn my emotions on and off like a switch. With trading, I just turned off the switch, taped it down, and put a lock-out tag on it. 😉

Question 2.
This one should be obvious, hon: I’d get a free ride on a great system. (What could be better?!?) I try to be “on the ball” with getting in and out properly, but even the best of us have to use the restroom sometime. UMT would keep me from either developing a UTI or strangling someone because I was 30 seconds late on a trade.

18 08 2008

1. I get spooked when I encounter a loosing streak. I will stop trading for awhile and then start back after the market has recover just in time for another loosing streak.

2. UMT gives enough confidence to ride out the bad times especially with the new 2:1 ratios.

18 08 2008
Rick Shalvoy

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”

Hey Mark and Brian — thanks for doing all the stuff you do….

It is now about 15 minutes after midnight here in New York on Monday evening (technically Tuesday morning). Prior to posting this, my responses to your two questions, I have taken the time to read every response that precedes my own. Some of them are so good, so thorough and so well written that the full thread of postings serves as an excellent introduction to the “real world” of trading — a superb educational exercise in itself and a great read for novice and experienced traders alike.

In order to identify obstacles that prevent trading success, one must first have a clear understanding of the factors that are absolutely required to achieve trading success. If I had to boil all of the success factors down to only two words, those words would be AUTOMATION and CONFIDENCE. Anyone who has ever been gut-wrenchingly emotionally invested in a trade understands the enormous value of a trading system with “set in stone” rules that clearly identify when/how to enter a trade and when/how to exit the trade. But even when we are following such an automated system, we have not entirely eliminated the emotional component of trading because we are all humans and as such we are all emotional beings who retain both the ability and the temptation to break the rules, mess with success and somehow find a way to screw things up no matter how wonderful our automated system may be. So in addition to having an automated system with “set in stone” rules, we must have absolute confidence in the ability of that system to carry us into the Port of Profits in spite of all of the shark attacks and perfect storms we will encounter in this great ocean of economic activity we affectionately refer to as “The Market.”

We all know that our own internal fear, greed and hope are the three points of the emotional Devil’s Triangle that will sink us faster than any external factor that might come along and try to pull us under. But simply knowing this does not solve the problem. We must also know beyond the shadow of any doubt that our ship will sail on to victory if we will simply stay on course and navigate our way around the Devil’s Triangle.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

By providing me with the clear vision that is necessary to CONFIDENTLY chart my course and stay on course no matter what happens along the way.

One additional note… My passion for trading and my mission to become a successful trader is actually fueled by my real mission in life…I am a cancer survivor who devotes a huge chunk of daily life to helping other cancer patients via the Row for a Cure Foundation. Rather than spend so much time on fundraising activities to support the work of our all volunteer charity, my dream is to keep the Foundation funded with my own money so that I can devote even more time to our charitable mission.

Thanks again guys — see you in the UMT Simple 2.0 Webinar on Wednesday!

And go Bob O! (See the posting of cancer survivor Bob O. at 17:54 on Monday.)

Rick Shalvoy
Row for a Cure Foundation
1-800-ROW CURE

19 08 2008
Samira Mounir

1. Obsticals that prevented my pass to sucess is the daily loss limit when reached I stop trading. Although winners follow loosers; but after taking few loosers I stop trading.

2. UMT provides directions to trade many markets which is not available in other and it gives confidence while trading. I trust that winners will surely come even if there are loosers. Sticking to the methodoligy is the key to success.

19 08 2008

1. I am most of the time not sure when to get out of a trade

2. I hope to be more informed with your help to now when to get out of a trade

19 08 2008
Clinton H

1. Time, focus, plan (or lack there of) all the usual excuses 🙂
2. UMT will provide a proven strategey to follow and regiment the process thus improving the probability of success.

19 08 2008
Phoebe Ejimbe

I have not started trading. I am now educating myself to become a competent forex trader and I am nearly there.

1. The UMT I will be enable to trade other markets e’g crude oil and futures.

2. Having learned to be a competent trader the UMT will help me trade
profitably consistently with less stress or hassle.

19 08 2008
Abhijit Banerjee

1) As a trader we need to overcome obstacles on two levels, i.e. the emotional level and the physical/execution level. I have battled with both and surprisingly enough the two levels are amazingly inter-dependent. When a trader is on a winning streak, winning trades come naturally, rules are followed and the occasional losers do not diminish the confidence and each trade is executed as a part of an independent decision not related to the outcome of the previous trade. Then overconfidence creeps in and strict trading rules (related to exit/entry) are not followed and the number of losers start increasing. Then comes the “losing mindset” and fear ( arising from thoughts of the previous losing trade) keeps the trader from taking trades, or exiting early on the winning ones.
Personally, this has been an ongoing process and despite my best efforts the cycle resurfaces and proves to be an impediment to my trading process.

2) I believe that the UMT methodology will provide me with a rule-based discretionary trading system that will allow me to objectively analyze each individual set-up and due to the past performance statistics will give me the confidence to stay in the trade till its’ rule-based exit is hit. The clarity of the UMT method added to its’ track record will allow the mind to relax and
execute trades comfortably observing the rules, without self-sabotaging mind games.

19 08 2008
M v Baal

So far my trading has been succesful, but a) boring, b) I tend to stay too long in losing trades and get out of wining trades too soon and c) focussed on one market.

The Simple method looks like it will a) limit trading to a sweet and short average of a few hours every day, b) generate exact limits and stops, c) make it possible to trade several highly different markets for a sensible spread.

M v Baal

19 08 2008
Ross M

1. I think that I am my own greatest obstacle to trading success, due to my own weaknesses. Over trading, overconfidence, under trading, loss of confidence, fear and greed – I have been through all of these stages many times over. However, I do not give up easily and know that I am getting closer to finding a trading system that will give me the structure and results to overcome my weaknesses.

I have also had difficulty with systems that produce too many and not enough trades – all with poor P & L.

2. From what I have seen and heard about UMT Simple, it sounds perfect for my needs. However, so have many other well-marketed trading systems I have stumbled upon over the years. But one thing I like in particular about UMT marketing is the frankness towards losses. I also admire their confidence with respect to the money-back guarantee, so long as you follow the rules (why wouldn’t I?). And I also like the fact that it “makes sense”.

“Two winners then we’re done” sounds wonderful after so many fruitless hours screenwatching for nothing.

UMT has enough structure to provide discipline, yet is not purely mechanical.

I am very confident that when I find the right system for me, I will overcome my weaknesses and become a successful trader. UMT Simple (and the Netpicks team) definitely seem more likely to get me there than anything else I have seen.

19 08 2008

Trading is all I’ve ever wanted to do.

It’s hard to explain. I knew that no matter what I did in life, the end goal was to trade full time. I just didn’t know how long it would take for me to get to this point. I feel that the time has finally come. Trading is something that I am extremely passionate about (maybe a little too passionate according to my boyfriend… but he’s wonderful and supportive of my goals: I consider myself very lucky!)

Its about more of learning and the process of doing something I love to do. I believe if you love what you do, the money will take care of itself. Of course, it helps that I currently have a good job that I love that lets me help people, and I am thrilled with that, but the job may not be around in the future, or the day may come when I won’t be able to help people as well as I would like to.

What is important to me is the freedom to have time to spend with my family, the freedom to work at my own pace on my own terms, the comfort of knowing that I can provide a better life for them. Ultimately guide my children so that they can have a better life than their parents did. That is what gets me up in the morning, excited to learn and grow as a trader. Not many people get to do what they love to do… I, on the other hand am grateful that I can.

The saying, “trading is not for everyone” is an extremely accurate one, and I can understand why… it is one of the most difficult professions to master if it can be truly mastered at all. Trading tests your will, your emotions, your family life, your sleep tolerance, and too many others that a trader becomes intimate. As for me the most difficult part was, being able to place a trade when a setup accurs and being able to hold a positions till it hit one of the targets, but with UMT i believe thats not a issue anymore because i know the win lost ratio is more than 60% 🙂 . I firmly believe that trading is for me, and that it’s not just a hobby or a passing fancy.

Pretty much everything that I’ve done has led me to this point… I have done the countless hours of research, reading, homework, and studying. I’ve taken seminars – some good, some not so good, and have come to quickly realize who is worth their salt. It takes a lot for me to invest my time and money into something that will ultimately have an effect on my family’s financial future. In my experience, I have become skeptical in nature and that is partly why I didn’t invest in the first release of the UMT Simple. (Incidentally, I kicked myself for not getting a copy of the UMT Simple course when it was first released, but then again, I couldn’t afford it then either— so that point is kind of mute.)

I feel that the Universal Market Trader will help me to achieve my goals of trading more consistently and profitably. It will help me to enforce what I already know and give insight into what I don’t know or haven’t come to realize. It will also enable me to have the freedom to spend more quality time with my family and pursue some of my other interests. Everything that I have seen, read, and experienced thus far with the free information given has led me to believe that I can learn, grow, and be a better trader through this program. I look forward to working with you to achieve those goals.



19 08 2008

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”
Although I can eventually fight my way out of a “wet paper bag” I have not been able to develop a personal, mechanical system that is reliable. In other words, I am intelligent enough, but suck at trading.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”
The UMT system does just that – supplies the mechanical part which allows me to work on the other ingredients – discipline and money management!

19 08 2008
Jaye Harris

I believe the main reason for lack of being as successful in trading as I have desired has to do with not having adequate trust in the “setup” that I choose — which leads to a lack of discipline in entering a trade when I should. If one “doubts”, then one may fail to enter in a timely way — and thus, when a retracement occurs, the emotion of “being under water” creates a fear which can result in leaving what would have been a profitable trade. I believe it is imperative to believe in the “system” or “setup” one uses…and I have not found one in which I can totally trust. No setup is 100%, but total trust in the setups one is utilizing is critical.

My belief is that UMT would solve this issue – a tested “setup” with proven results — the benefit to the trader would be to eliminate fear in “pulling the trigger” in a timely way and know exactly when to abandon the trade, if it is not going to be a profitable trade. UMT also would provide giving a trader the confidence necessary to assist in emotion control — since one can totally believe in this software.

Thank you —


19 08 2008
T. Lewis

Plain and simple, I just need help. Looking at the UMT, maybe my trading could finally evolve into a KISS way of thinking, instead of trying 12 different paths to make a decision. Conclusion, profitable trades outweigh the losing ones. Thanks, T. Lewis

19 08 2008
Jerry Bongard

1. Working full time for an international company with late night and early morning telecons while I’m trying to get a trading plan and methodology down has really hindered my progress. In the year I’ve been trading I’ve taken courses and read books that have increased my trading knowledge but not my success. This in turn affects my emotion and puts me into a tail spin. Recognizing that I’ve taken a break to try and get my act together.
2. Universal Market Trader will provide systematic a plan of attack that can be used across the various markets and allow for better controlled entry and exits thus achieving a better trade success. This will reduce the tailspin affects of my current life.

19 08 2008

1. The main that obstacle I have encountered that hinders my trading success is attempting to implement a system using the information from the system provider. The information turns out to be either insufficient, or there are numerous scenarios in which the system simply cannot work, with no caveats from the system developer.

2. The UMT will help me attain my goals by providing not only a proven system with clear technical explanations, but continuing assistance in the way of forums, alerts, etc.

19 08 2008

I just don’t seem to have enough knowledge to make winning trades. I try and research the trade, think I have a winner, make the trade and wind up losing. It is very frustrating because I do not want to keep living the way I have been living. I want to enjoy life and travel all over the world while making trades on a laptop anywhere in the world.
I am hoping the UMT system will be the golden egg that I have been seeking.

19 08 2008
Tony Klaus

1.Trading against the trend. I’ve always had trouble of know exactly what the trend was, and to only take trades in that direction. I also get out of trades too early so my risk reward hasn’t been good.

2. It will help me recognize the prevailing trend, and then identify the exact bar where I should enter. It will also provide a better method for knowing when to get out of a trade and where to place my stops. Takes all emotion out of the trade.

19 08 2008
Mike Pavlich

1) Like many others, there is not just one particular issue that has defined my trading failures. First and foremost, I would have to say that complexity of systems have created an information overload as well as the age old “paralysis by analysis”. Too often, I am looking at multiple indicators in multiple time frames and get confused by what is a potential signal versus a confirmed signal on the entry as well as the exit. Additionally, I have had troubles with trailing stops, especially in the forex arena; Potential great trades have turned into miserable losses due to too tight of a stop…or not tight enough.

2) I was among the original group that UMT was marketed too. At that time, this system appeared to be just another system with promises greater than what they could fulfill. Over the past year and a half I have watched the continued enhancements in terms of greater availability to different markets as well as increased user support. The system seems to be simple and may address the difficulties I have had in the past. Additionally, the one on one trading support is a big plus that I feel brings the ultimate success. I am submitting this “entry” in the hopes that you will take this skeptical person and make a true believer out of me…..because in the end, we will both be winners.

19 08 2008

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?” trading witout well defined rules, trading without stops,and not being able to live through losses ( which unfortunately are an integral part of trading)

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals

Structure ,and rule based trading , that should do it.

19 08 2008
Steve Batchelder

1. What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”
I just gamble too much. I have not found the right edge and I get bored waiting for things to develop. I have wasted huge amounts of money as a result of all of this, yet I know deep down inside that 4X is perfect for me, I am waiting for a heart transplant and trading at home is a God sent gift to me, I just need to attach myself to the right system.

2.How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?
It sounds as if it will do everything that I am not doing currently. I can quit gambling and start trading. I look forward to the change and opportunity that lies ahead of me then.

19 08 2008

I think I’m just like everyone else that wants to trade for a living. But, my biggest thing stopping me, is ”me”. I’ve been trying to trade for the past two years, the first hour and a half of the morning session and then go to work. Being in the printing industry for over 30 years – printing is all I know. I was laid off January of this year. Now, I try to trade all day. I tried to come up with my own system. Good grief, when I get a entry signal, I don’t trust it. And, when I do talk myself into taking a trade, I exit with only a few ticks of profit. But, for some reason I tend to let my loser run.

I need a system that I can trust. One that will trigger me into a trade, give me targets to hit with small stops. I need a system that is dynamic and wins 2 to 1. I watched the webnar and one other video on the UMT Simple 2.0. Wow, I don’t have to come up with my own system. NetPicks built it for me. With small stops and the Owner’s Club to guide me – It will get me in the market and out and I’m done for the day. I’ll be trading for a living. It’s that simple!

With regards,


19 08 2008

my biggest obstacles seem to be consistently on the wrong side of the trade as well as not letting my winners run. i believe that if i had a trading system that really worked i could be a very successful trader.

19 08 2008
Terry Wilks

I have hit many obstacles trading in the past, including systems that really don’t work; the lossers surpass the winners.
Analyzing charts and fundamentals are time consuming; they can help but do not give you the exact entry points, stops and limits. Generally it boils down to guess work and an emotional roller coaster that we have all faced throughout our trading days.

UMT is already reaching my goals, this is now my job.
It has alleviated the guess work. All you have to do is follow the system and place the order with very precise entry, stop, and limits. The system is very quick to master and follow. No more emotional roller coaster rides, I can now sleep at night. Sure you will get your losses but stick to the system and the winners will prevail.
When I first started the UMT system ( having used sytems that don’t work in the past) I had a real problem sticking 100% to the system and by doing so I got burnt. I would take losses on trades that turned into winners etc.
Follow the system and you will be pleasantly amazed with the results.
It no longer has the stress of trading, I enter my setups and make the necessary changes as they occur.
It is so much fun that my wife and kids even enjoy watching the results, It is like playing roulette with the odds in my favor.
Have Fun!!!

19 08 2008
Bob porter

i have been trading 2yrs running into trying to be successful on every trade and found my self loosing 1.00-2.00 dollars and getting frustraded and just close out the trade. also the market is hard to figure out and qqqq’s, dow,S&P, NASDAQ, I try to follow the swings in the market and the reversal times but that don’t work as well as they say. there is so many things to try to keep your eyes on that you forget to keep your stops on because of the time it takes…. i also been having trouble trying to manage the risk and reward. i have studied the japanese candelstixs but the waiting for the right moves seem to be just as hard to find as the regular markets.i just wish there was a more believeble system that works smoother and to where i can build my confidence level. 2. i would dream that the system would give me targets for in and out and positive risk rewards. a lot of techniques that are not just understandable but useful for winning in these tough markets whether up or down markets and even sideways trending stocks thank you!

19 08 2008
Mike Ritz

I have not been able to be sucessfull due to my on faults. I pull the trade when it gets some heat and don’t let it run to target. So I usually lose large and win small. I need to change or I will never make it.
I know that I can use the simple system and catch the large swings that will help overcome the smaller losses. All I have to do is stick to the system and follow it to the letter and I am sure to be sucessfull. I need this bad!

19 08 2008
Tim Fedorka

I have four main obstacles with my trading; Me, Myself and I and the forth is the diminishing account balance due to the “dear in headlights” mentality that I sometimes think “the trade can’t get worse”–Wrong! I feel like I’m on an endless roller coaster ride that goes up and down and down and spits me out and beckons me to ride again.

I believe my desire from the UTM program would minimize the complex emotions evolved with trading by bring me back to the basics of trading and follow a consistent simple trading plan.

19 08 2008
Jeff Robertson

My main problem was always selling as soon as I get some profit.

Now UMT keeps me in the trade to the target thus I make more money.
and do not have to second guess when to sell.

19 08 2008

1. The main obstacle i have run into is selecting entry points for any market that i am trading… therefore mis managing my trades, ie. getting stopped out too soon, getting out too quick, staying in too long in each trade. SO THEREFORE my trading had NO PLAN. NO consistency and worse of all NO PROFITABLE trading..

2. I believe and actually know that the UMT simple will clear 95% of the obstacles mentioned above… By following the entries and 1x, and 2x levels… I will have a plan with the ability to recover quickly from any stops taken.
I expect and know i will be finally PROFITABLE, because UMT simple will guide me with a consistent trade plan of entries, trailing stops and closing trades with success…

19 08 2008
Aaron Kaplan

1. The main obstacle, as most people is emotional. When getting into a trade fear and greed take over and without a defined trading plan I get whipsawed out of trades. Also, the system I may be using might work over time, but I don’t trust it enough to spend my time trading it over a long period of time. This of course probably leads back to the holy grail syndrome that most new traders most overcome.
2. The universal market trader will help give me a defined trading plan, a winning system with money management, and the support to get to a point where I can trust the system enough to handle drawdown but still know that profit will still come in the end.

19 08 2008
Leo H. LeBoeuf

1. My main obstacle is recognizing when to enter a trade. It is easy when looking back at a series of data points to pick a good entry point, but when doing it live and not having 20-20 hind sight there is a lot of trepidation uncertainty. Many of the systems on the market are good at analyzing the data after the fact and not as good at providing strong entry and exit signals.
2. The UMT will give me better information from which to make trade decisions. The support will help me to sharpen my trading acumen and gain the ability to sense when to watch and not leap into a trade. Also it will enable me to establish an acceptable risk strategy to enable me to continue trading and avoid risking my funds.

19 08 2008


My Background:
My name is Farina and I am a housewife staying in Melbourne-Australia. By profession I am a doctor but not practising at the moment as for me FAMILY COMES FIRST. I am a gifted mom of 2 sons (twins) both are 7 years of age by God’s grace.

Answer to Q1:
My husband is an Engineer and he was the one who taught me and developed my interests in trading activities. I started trading with stocks in stock market on ASX that initially turned out to be very successful and later on ended up in losing all that I have earned left me with a realization that I CANNOT DO IT. Then we studied about CFD with the wonderful promotional statement – “Let the market be BULL or BEAR, you always make money”. I ended up in unsuccessful attempts to trade CFD’s as well. HOW ??? Well, very simple. On bearish market, I tried to identify companies going bankrupt with a weak account balances and low earning potential and thought of playing with market sentiments and went ahead and sold short CFD’s only to realize that the very next day or maximum next week, these companies were given takeover offers causing the share price hike to upto almost 40 to 60%. Oh my GOD…What a nightmare??? Then I thought of trading Indices and started looking at index pattern formations that sound interesting and tend to be more smooth but with lesser volume and thats how I cam across eMINI. it is wonderful to trade eMINI products and my husband is teaching me the basic aspects of how to trade these products. My trades are so-so. In the sense that I am not very successful so far but not dishearted as well as I am sure I will develop the skills one day to become successful. What my husband did not teach me is DISCIPLINE and CONTROL OVER EMOTIONS. Everything else comes after that. Realizing potential trade set-ups, valid entry triggers, stop loss etc are a subset of these 2 major factors. At first I must develop these abilities to identify opportunities. Once these are overcomed, I would like to opt for a trading plan that can keep me disciplined apart from being mechanically and technically sound and justified for everything that it shows on the screen. So far, I am not able to trade big moves even though the trade tends to favour in my direction and I tend to quit very very early only to realize a loss in the profit.

Answer to Q1:
UMT – I don’t want it to be just another trading software in the market. Let me think its unique in its trade identification. What I liked about UMT is trade definition before even taking the trade. I mean you know how much you are going to lose to make certain amount of money. For me and for every trader it is very important to realize that every trader that he or she takes may end in a failure and therefore a preparation is neccessary to loose before you think to win. It may sound a bit negative approach but I treat this as the reality and I am happy to see that UMT clearly portrays that. When to be in the trade and when not to be are additional features that may help novice traders like us to be away from hazardous situations – Well done UMT. I am sure its going to be simple. I remembered somewhere I have read that sometimes most wonderful results can be achieved by the most simplest calculations (but of course with a lot of dedication and commitment – This is my addition). UMT seems to be very simple in its display not creating a cluster of trend fitting curves and confusing lines or dots that tend to change with every tick. In short – ITS SIMPLICITY IS MORE ATTRACTIVE.
For me it is going to be a boon – For everyone for that matter. I have decided to focus on my family and therefore left my career as doctor. But than you see talent never dies. I still wanted to do something that can serve my family without having a neglected attention. Trading eMINI from home is the best solution keeping everyone happy. The only thing I need is sound trade management and mentoring or may be some proven trading strategies as yours that can help me in fulfilling my basic needs. It is said that an educated woman is a lot more powerful person in the society. With this message I would like to invite all the women around the world who wanted to do something but cannot and are caged in the walls of their homes. You can still make your own identity and emerge as a SUCCESSFUL TRADER to show the world that EVEN WOMEN CAN.
My all sincere wishes to UMT, to all the traders, of course to the person who is going to win this wonderful software today. Your path to success has just arrived.
God Bless

19 08 2008
Cesar Larriva

These are the obstacles I ‘ve encountered in my trading:
1a. Deciding where a market is (trending up, down, or in a range) and what price would prove me wrong.
1b. Although I am that Fear & Greed are my enemies, sometimes I still fall prey to these emotions.
1c. Overcomplicating, overanalyzing, and still not giving systems time to prove themselves.

I expect UMT to provide clear entry signals on multiple markets and time frames, generating consistent & significant profits, giving me the confidence to trade in an unemotional way.

19 08 2008
Chris Weber

1. In the past I’ve tried trading with and without a systemized set of rules. I found trading without a system to be more like pure gambling. In the past my attempts at trading by rules have been let down by the fact that I didn’t have a clear set of entry and exit rules and my targets and stops were not precisely calculated before I entered the trade meaning that my emotions were allowed to get in the way. I fell into the trap of adjusting my stop too tight and taking profits too early and other common trading errors.

2. I know that with the UMT I have a clear set of rules that allow me to define my entry, target, and stop before getting into the trade. I know I can backtest this system on any market to find the right time-frame to suit the amount I’m willing to risk and the amount of time I want to be in the market. Now with a clear set of rules I know I will be able to stick with the system knowing that the statistical edge is in my favor and that although not every trade will be a winner the casino doesn’t get hung up on every single hand so I shouldn’t get hung up on the outcome of every trade. The UMT with it’s clear entries, targets and stops will prevent me from jumping the gun on trades, taking my profits too early or adjusting my stop when emotions take over. I’m sure I can trade with a clear head and become a consistent winner with this trading system that is truly universal in that it can be applied to so many markets and time-frames!

19 08 2008
Leanne Garwood

Blinded by the riches and not prepared for the road ahead. Always searching, reading, educating. Thinking that the more I learn the better trader I will be. Jumping from one strategy to another – the results where not immediate. Losing trades and a shrinking account plays heavily on my emotions. Failure to formalize and implement a robust plan around each trade…. I know where I’m getting in, where do I get out? No profit target, no stop loss or one that I move. Why is it when a trade goes against you and you move your stop just a little as the loss was a little to hard to take, the trade gets worse and after you have been belted emotionally and financially the original stop seems so far away and a small one at that. I could have slept a little easier, on reflection.

Universal Market Trader – A traders framework. Where to enter a trade, take profits and know where to exit if not moving in my favour. A means to measure historically whether the financial instrument and timeframe that I want to trade can potentially produce the results going forward…Now that’s stacking the odds in my favour.
Having the support staff behind UMT to guide and assist with understanding of the system. Trading can be a solitary venture. With the UMT and its members it doesn’t have to be that way. With a group of like minded people with the same goal, I can draw on their experiences. Ask questions on the forums. There is always someone willing to help.

Its not just a piece of software it’s a fully supported interactive process of trading.

19 08 2008
maui John

1. Obstacles= Ignorance+fear+greed.
2. UMT= success+retirement+satisfaction.

19 08 2008
Fred Koelewyn

1. I let my emotions get in the way and make poor trading decisions, taking risks that are totally against me.

2. The UMT will provide me with a pure mechanical system that can take my emotions out of the equation.

19 08 2008

I originally thought that trading would enable me to achieve big profits fast. However, I had problems with risk management-I was to aggressive in trading. As my losses grew, I began to wonder if I could do any worse in Vegas-So much for big profits. Then I discovered Netpicks. Once understood and rules thoroughly learned, UMT has become an indispensable tool for me. It has taken the guess work out of trading.

20 08 2008
Brett A

1. Trader psychology. Discipline, discipline, discipline.

2. On it’s own, it won’t. But it will give me a piece of the puzzle. It will give me a system that I can back test to build confidence in. Once I have enough confidence in the system, it is up to me to be disciplined and to truly accept the losses along with profits in order to let the system’s edge win out.

20 08 2008

My biggest obstacle to success as a trader is finding a system or methodology that is consistently profitable. Systems work for a while and then stop working. By the time you figure out that the market has changed and the system no longer works, you have already lost any money you might have made and more.

If the UMT is as good as you say it is, I will have finally found what I’ve been looking for…..a way to make a living at trading. I’m still skeptical, but I would love to be proved wrong.

20 08 2008
Rob Whitehead

1.) The urge to win (not letting the market beat me) no matter what has definitely blocked my clear trading decisions.
2.) Hopefully the UMT will provide a more disciplined, systematized approach to trading.

20 08 2008

In the search for knowledge we come across the basics time and time again. These are taught on many free to access sites but others are offering less for lots of cash.Looking at the information offered and seeing that it is basically worthless especially if you do not understand the whys and wherefores. Sometimes a system is offered with this information which looks easy but the decisions you need to make are ‘hidden’ because the pictures of charts show the future too and the decisions to make look so obvious when they are not. I feel overloaded with basic information but not the right kind of knowledge to implement the strategies profitably.

I would like to have a person/system who can actually teach how to trade by being able to make the right decision without flumoxing, to see the picture developing on the charts and the right kind of knowledge to tie in what the chart is saying with the issues arising in the markets at the time. Something that is interactive rather than passive. We need to make a decision then have confirmation that this is a good decision or informed that if we do that the result is likely to be ………… because……

20 08 2008

1) I began to trade a few month ago with a couple of systems which I bought.I have not problems to follow those systems.But when I earn some money from those systems I often try to enter trades in other markets as I “feel” the price will move.So the biggest obstacles is no discipline, no fear to loss earned money and need of action.

2) I feel I need more action. The UMT can get me into the action, guide me through, teach me and help me not to loss earned money

20 08 2008
Tony Gee

I have traded the forex everyday for over 3 years now and at the end of each year I have ended up with big loses. Yet I truely believe forex can bring me financial freedom. But It’s been wearing me down physically, my eyes have gotten bad, my wrist is always aching, and my neck and shoulders are constantly sore. I’ve tried indicators, charting, candlesticks, automatic trading with EAs, signal providers, news trading, coaching, etc. None of them have consistently made me profitable. I’ve made over 300% in a month and won a few contest, but eventually I lose all my money. My problem has been not knowing when to get out of a trade and being emotional especially when there is a big downdraw. And also being to greedy. Oftentime I seem to get into a trade at the top or bottom which stresses me out and I end up not getting sleep.

UMT will offer me a chance to live a life that is not behind a computer all day, stressing over whether my trade is currently going bad. I make trading too complicated with all the trading tools I have. UMT will cause me to Keep It Simple Stupid. It will provide me with a simple mechanical system that will make me consistent profits time and time again.

20 08 2008
William Hiew

1. Finding or developing a system that is not onlyprofitable in backtesting, but also in real life trading. A system that i can pull the trigger without emotions and taking all the trades without giving up.

2. UMT simple strategy is a system that is easy to follow and easy to identify the trading signals without too much judgement. Its either a trade, or isn’t a trade and isnt subjective. This makes it easy to pull the trigger and to take the trades, while letting the system work itself out over the weeks and months.

20 08 2008

1. I constantly want to watch the market to look for profits or losses and take the money and run or cut my losses from preplanned targets or stop losses. Can seem to cut the eCord.

2. Pure and simple, I hHope UMT will instill confidence in me that I can set it and forget it.

20 08 2008
M. Irani

The biggest obstacle for me has been an ugly combination of the phenomenon of “paralysis by analysis” ( I am a scientist by profession), preventing me from acting in a timely fashion followed by impulsive moves out of frustration. Result? You guessed, an erosion of my account.

After watching the Simple 2.0 videos I have been attracted to the methodology for the following reasons:

– The sheer simplicity of a sensible, powerful and profitable system with a defined rule-set for both basic and advanced setups.
– The favorable risk/reward ratio.
– The ability to trade a wide variety of markets using the same tools and rules over and over again (helps becoming proficient as well).
– The guidance provided for selecting profitable markets, trading time-frames and trading-times.
– The potential to build an account slowly but surely by risking small and predetermined amounts in keeping with the account size and reaping consistent profits over time. This coupled with the power of compounding can work wonders.

What will help me specifically as a trader is:
– The color based entry signals using just two indicators and price bars to keep me focused.
– The exact entry, stop and targets not only calculated by the system for ease of implementation in fast markets but also graphically represented on the charts. This visual effect appears to be a simplified and clever way of following the trades, once entered.
– The excellent trading videos (judging from the ones I have seen) to explain all the rules for effective learning.
– The live training sessions to dispel my fears and hesitations and build my confidence.
– The ability to interact with staff and other traders for help and encouragement.
– The sound trading and money management tips (with emphasis on the all important aspect of risk control) for building good trading discipline and not to over trade (will make my family happy).

Overall, the UMT Simple 2.0 appears to be an excellent package to help my battered account grow.

20 08 2008
Ivan Wyatt

1. My obstacles to success are centered on my inability in the past to develop a trading plan that is consistent, workable, and will allow me to maximize my time and my own abilities.
2. The UMT Plan is straight forward, believable, and with enough technical background to satisfy my need for market competency and soundness.

20 08 2008

Q. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”
A. Subjective trading methodologies that contributed to wild equity swings.
Poor (too non-existent) money management which allowed me to “bet the farm” a few too many times. (Which ended in an abrupt end to my “farming”. 😉

Q. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”
A. The Good News?
I’ve got the money-management / position-sizing side of things well under control now.
Th Bad News?
Still (until I win the UMT 😉 –
don’t have a real or consistent edge in the markets…

Thanks for this opportunity and Good Luck to all!


20 08 2008

1. The biggest obstacle is me. I am my own worst enemy. You setup your rules and trading plan and then start to move away from it as loses come in.

2. The UMT and the UMT Simple will keep me on track with my trading plan, in that, I know that as the loses come in there is going to be winners coming soon which will allow me to stay the course and replace current income which is the ultimate goal.

20 08 2008
Kulraj Gurm

1. “What type of obstacles have I run into in the past that have prevented my trading success?”

My biggest obstacle in the past has been emotional trading, in particular holding bad trades when I should have bailed before losses got worse.

2. “How will the Universal Market Trader help me attain my goals?”

UMT will become part of an overall education process that will help hone systematic logical trading strategies.

20 08 2008
frank j

1)not having the means to buy a good charting system inhibits my success.
2)having a program and people to call upon would definately help.

25 08 2008
Peter Thomson Helliwell

I just looked at the Tradestation account requirements.
1. They only take on traders with 2 years experience: I have only a few months.
2. The financial commitment to open account is prohibitive for those of us just starting out.
What other on-line brokers does your system work with and do any of them favour those who are just starting out and do not have $10 to £15,000 to open account?

Will your sytem work on the FTSE Rolling 100?
Peter T Helliwell

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