Impressive Trading Day

15 08 2008

Today seemed to have all the trading stars lining up nicely.  Our simple buy and sell set-ups were working well across several markets — we’ll show you a nice cross-section in this video including the EURUSD (forex), Dow e-Mini, Crude Oil futures and Dax Futures.  One or more of those would be ideal for most no matter what time zone or part of the world you’re in.  You’ll see us identify our basic buy and sell set-ups — the key is waiting on our proprietary indicators to line up to confirm the trade – when that happens we enter immediately.  The system is designed to have dynamic stops and targets — the more volatile the market the larger those will be – – sideways/calm markets they’ll adjust accordingly.  This is really a key to success as we’ve discussed.  You cannot force markets to go a certain fixed number, nor should you trade anything where it’s quite complicated to identify your entries – or you’ll second guess.  There is no second guessing on our entry rules – or our exit strategy.  Winner or Loser we take the same approach.

View Today’s Video – Forex & Futures Trading – 8/15/08

Our next video we’ll look at some stock trading and swing trading for those of you who prefer to see those type of trades.  Same exact strategy — learn it on any market and it works without the need to reinvent your trading plan everytime you change markets or timeframes.  Have a great weekend as well.




One response

17 08 2008
indie hartley

Not enough confidence in getting started-in the trader market
right now my priority is to get my business up & running which is a retail clothing store-Brasilwear .Biz in Paddington -Sydney-this has been taking most of my time co ordinating workman & getting stock together
I will be ready to spend more time leaning to trade on options soon!!

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