Stock Traders Unite

17 08 2008

Not to be left out, the UMT Simple Plan 2.0 loves stock traders as well. Day trade? Sure. Swing trade? Absolutely. While you see us show a lot of futures and forex, stock trading works equally as well. The criteria is the same — lets focus on stocks that are on the move — up or down. We go long, we go short. If you can go long only then you simply focus on those set-ups and stay out when the UMT is saying you should be short. We put together a video today that walks you through all of 2008 trading the XLE — this is the S&P Energy Spider — energy stocks have been on a wild ride both up and down and actually on the year, the XLE is down at the time of recording this. That might surprise some of you. However, in the video you’ll see how we picked up about $18 of profit, and were actually out of the market the majority of the time. That’s never a bad thing when your capital doesn’t have to be exposed all the time (like it does when you buy and hold) plus, it can be deployed elsewhere when other stocks are setting up.

In addition, the win/loss ratio proves to be quite favorable as you see. At the end of the video we even take you through an example of day trading Apple Computer/AAPL. The key is to watch how we switch symbols and timeframe WITHOUT changing any settings. We do not optimize or curve fit. The exact same settings are used in all markets.

Check Out the UMT Stock Trader’s Video Here




One response

20 08 2008
Edna Pollock

I workd as a court reporter and as such, this takes up a lot of my time. I would dearly love to trade for a living, have bought many programs, then have to get involved in big trials and weeks typing.

That is the point I’m at right now, so am wondering if it’s possible that this will be recorded so that I may view it later this evening.

I’ve always been fascinated by your progress and inventive, rewarding programs.

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