UMT Lifetime License WINNER!

20 08 2008

We read through each and every submission and we gotta admit… it was a tough call!

Alot of you mentioned common obstacles such as not knowing where to enter, where to exit, proper risk management principles, and all the minds games that trading with your hard-earned cash causes. We’re right there with you. The UMT will prepare you for each of these obstacles with our highly-supportive Owner’s Club. We emphasize real-world applicable principles on Risk Management, the Power of Quitting, the Power of Rules, and Trade Psychology so you can face those paralyzing obstacles head-on and reach your full potential as a successful trader.

But now on to the good stuff… the WINNER:

Leanne Garwood

Blinded by the riches and not prepared for the road ahead. Always searching, reading, educating. Thinking that the more I learn the better trader I will be. Jumping from one strategy to another – the results where not immediate. Losing trades and a shrinking account plays heavily on my emotions. Failure to formalize and implement a robust plan around each trade…. I know where I’m getting in, where do I get out? No profit target, no stop loss or one that I move. Why is it when a trade goes against you and you move your stop just a little as the loss was a little to hard to take, the trade gets worse and after you have been belted emotionally and financially the original stop seems so far away and a small one at that. I could have slept a little easier, on reflection.

Universal Market Trader – A traders framework. Where to enter a trade, take profits and know where to exit if not moving in my favour. A means to measure historically whether the financial instrument and timeframe that I want to trade can potentially produce the results going forward…Now that’s stacking the odds in my favour.

Having the support staff behind UMT to guide and assist with understanding of the system. Trading can be a solitary venture. With the UMT and its members it doesn’t have to be that way. With a group of like minded people with the same goal, I can draw on their experiences. Ask questions on the forums. There is always someone willing to help.

Its not just a piece of software it’s a fully supported interactive process of trading.

Congratulations, Leanne! We’ll be contacting you shortly for your Lifetime License Grand Prize.

But wait, that’s not all…

Because we were so impressed with this out-pouring of honestly and participation, we want to offer a Runner-Up Prize for both Clint (10:24:03) and Cindy’s (07:05:25) submission. They will be given a $250.00 refund on top of the $99.00 set-up fee waiver towards their purchase of the UMT at any time during this launch. Congratulations, guys!

That being said, THANK YOU for all your submissions. We read and take to heart all your great feedback to better our systems and hopefully, better you as a trader!

Mark, Brian, & The NetPicks Trading Team

P.S. – If you haven’t taken a look at all the amazing responses for this contest, go here now:




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