Power of Quitting – One Day, 15 Minutes!

25 08 2008

Surely you’re familiar with our Power of Quitting strategy. Using this powerful strategy, we can get in and out of the market in as little time as possible – no more spending hour after painful hour neglecting your family and personal life!

Using our strategy, on some days, you can be done in just 30 short minutes or less! Take for example one day last week: we were in ‘n out within 15 minutes with some serious results to show for it…

11 wins – 3 losses (that’s a 78% win ratio)
Ending at +11 points = $1,100.00 per contract on the Russell eMini

10 wins – 3 losses (76% win ratio)
+2.01 = $2,010.00 per contract on Crude Oil Futures!

12 wins – 6 losses (66% wins)
+101 points = $3,600.00 per contract (WOW!) on the DAX

That’s 3 completely different markets using just 1 strategy.

And you know that we’re adamantly opposed to any kind of optimization or curve-fitting! Just total simplicity, real results, and flexibility that extends to forex, futures, stocks, and commodities. PLUS, you can day trade or swing trade as you like.

Not bad, eh? =)

If you’re ready to transform your trading future and redefine the term, ‘success’ then please visit the link below to get started!





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