$1,500+ Today – Under an Hour

18 09 2008

Reserve your seat for this week’s UMT Simple Webinar!


One thing we talk about in our live webinars when we’re demonstrating the UMT system and training is the fact that if you follow what you’re taught, implement the strategy and stick to the trading plan you can have all the confidence you need in the system. In fact, this morning, I had about an hour before a live webinar with about 70 people looking to evaluate the UMT (and thanks to those of you who joined!) so I decided I would take enough UMT trades to pay for the course. I traded Crude Oil Futures (CL) one of MANY markets I can trade. Een better, I had a below average win/loss percentage today (5wins – 4 losses) plus, one of those losses I made an entry error. I put the stop order in at the wrong price and was immediately filled. Oops. Cost me a full loss. Hey, it happens. With that I ended up with over $1,500 of profit, I had a 2.07 Profit Factor, I had nearly a 1.60 ratio of average win to average loss and had a drawdown, worst case of under 0.5% of my account. On a day that was really nothing special.

The image below shows you the specifics but you can see why we are so excited about the Universal Market Trader Simple plan. Sure, the indicators are powerful, the trading rules are very effective, the live training and coaching is invaluable but the bottom line is at NetPicks we trade live, just like you want to do. This is about real trading and real results. Clearly you can see how easy this investment could come back to you. There’s no greater proof than actual trading. Tomorrow? I’ll have the exact same target and plan in mind. Calm and cool — no fear. I just follow the UMT.

Crude Oil Trading Results 9/18/08

Crude Oil Trading Results 9/18/08

Wait, here’s the “sequel” — in case you thought yesterday might be a fluke here are the results from today, Friday, September 19th.  Notice that win/loss – 7 wins – 1 loss (87.50%) and a whopping 6.19 Profit Factor today!  Notice also that the money was made on the short side today again — for us we do not care if these markets go up, or down.  We just capitalize on the movement and our strategy rules:

Crude Oil Trading Results 9/19/08

Crude Oil Trading Results 9/19/08

It’s Monday, September 22nd and had another solid trading day.  This time “almost” $1,000 — in 68 minutes so fits the “get in, get out and go on with your day.”  Could have stuck around for more trades but results were good so decided to bank it and do it again tomorrow!  (keep in mind we’re showing you Crude Oil since it’s a market I trade daily, but the same exact strategy is used on forex, futures, index futures, stocks, day or swing trading, etc…it’s up to you  – very flexible)

Crude Oil Trading Results 9/22/08

Crude Oil Trading Results 9/22/08

The last couple of trading sessions answer the question if you can trade remotely or while you are traveling.  I’ve been on a business trip the last 3 days and did manage to squeeze in some trading in the morning from the hotel.  Yesterday for 45 minutes, and today I was done in 15 minutes.  Only had the one losing trade yesterday as you see below but otherwise some nice profits for literally one hour of trading.  There is a little commission you have to figure in ($5 per contract traded) and of course you do need to learn the strategy but you can again see the consistent potential – and this is in just one of many different markets you can trade.  Crude Oil futures is just for example, but is by no means near your only choice.  Many other futures, forex and stocks await.  Actual executions below:

Crude Oil Trades 9/24 and 9/25/08

Crude Oil Trades 9/24 and 9/25/08




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