$1,700+ in 30 Minutes…Watch the Live Trades

29 09 2008

I thought I’d do a little experiment today and with some “time lapse” video show you today’s live trading for me — including actually placing the live trades in the market.  On the video you’ll see trading the Universal Market Trader on Crude Oil and the Dax Futures.  There’s so many market choices — S&P, Nasdaq, Dow, Russell, Forex, Stocks, etc… but I am trading those two markets since I know I can get off a fair amount of trades in a short period of time — ideal for me since myself and our team are here to support you primarily — but always feels good to start the day with some successful trades first!

In this case, I ended up with 2 wins – 1 loss on Crude, including one that went for $880 profit and 3 wins – 1 loss on the Dax for a total profit of $830 on Crude, and $942 on the Dax in under 30 Minutes.

Live Trades Monday September 29, 2008

Keep in mind there’s a little commission to pay of course, and you need to have enough of an account size to trade the contracts/markets we’re trading – however, the UMT is versatile enough for virtually any account size and we always keep risk per trade on our trades at 2% or less of our account.

Updated Tuesday September 30th…

Thought we would show you another day — this time in 20 minutes had 2 full wins, 1 loss and booked profits in just about 20 minutes invested.  Not bad for a day’s work right?  We could of course continue trading beyond the 20 minutes we put in but we hit our plan target and moved on with the day — reduces the stress considerably when you get in, get out and move on with your day.

Live Trades Tuesday September 30, 2008

Updated October 1st…

Here’s one more shot video for you – this time it only takes about two minutes and you’ll see the very first trade we took today — it was done in about one minute.  $500+ trading two contracts – you can see hit happen live here – as you can see we actually trade our strategy live each and everyday:

Live Trades Wednesday October 1, 2008

Updated October 2nd…

Just so you can see, no cherry picking here — we’ve posted a new live vide – of our exact trades this morning on the same market to show the consistency.  2 wins – 1 Loss – done in 30 minutes, and about 15 minutes actually “in the market” – check it out here:

Live Trades Thursday October 2, 2008

Updated October 3rd…

Once again, for a fifth consecutive day in a row (so no selective days here) we have live trades being taken — and another profitable day.  Today finished in under an hour once again, with 2 wins – 1 loss and nearly $500 profit per contract traded.  This just shows you one possible market you can trade but we kept it consistent all week to show you that with that consistency we were able to just take the trades the UMT strategy sets up, and have the success you see:

Live Trades Friday October 3, 2008




3 responses

30 09 2008

just wondering if we could see some recent forex trades

NetPicks Reply: Join us at one of our weekly live webinars — we always review some current forex trades there. Thanks!

1 10 2008

I signed up but can not attend thursday. Is there any way of seeing how umt did today on eur. Its been a up and down day,just wondering how umt did or didn;t do thanks

3 10 2008

I can not find the recording of yesterdays webinar anywhere. Could you please help me find it thanks

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