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14 10 2008

The Dow e-Mini and the Crude Oil Futures are on display today.  Both markets did very well, as we have been seeing for weeks now.  The volatility on the index futures has been excellent, and today we picked up most of our profits “short” — as opposed to yesterday when it was all about the “buys” in the market.  Crude Oil had average volatility today but that didn’t stop it from being a very successful day (see 3 wins – 0 losses in the video this morning) while the Dow you’ll get to see 4 wins – 1 loss:

UMT Trading Tuesday October 14th, 2008 – Futures Video – Click Here

Here’s a screenshot of one of our Coach’s Trades today on the Dow:

Dow e-Mini Trades 10/14/08

Dow e-Mini Trades 10/14/08

Finally, lets take a look at the last 5 days on the Dow e-Mini – nearly 800 points of profit as you’ll see here.  We are experiencing excellent trading conditions now so there’s no doubt that the average targets are above average and the frequency of trades is higher.  But, we know that if we stick with the UMT method, the odds are in our favor in all market conditions.  This doesn’t mean we never lose — any realistic trading plan will lose — it’s how often you lose and if you can keep your average winners above your average losses.  Take a look at the sequence of trades below and see what we mean:

Dow e-Mini Trades

Dow e-Mini Trades




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15 10 2008


NetPicks Reply: You should figure on risking no more than 2% per trade. That means to trade a Dow e-Mini you’d want at least $5,000 per contract. For Crude, that means at least $10,000 per contract. Depending upon the market traded this of course will vary.

21 10 2008
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