Trading Examples for Monday October 20th

20 10 2008

When we talk about the Univeral Market Trader we always point out one of the significant advantages.  Trading multiple markets in multiple timeframes.  Check out the charts below — you’ll forex, futures and stock.  Some day trading and some swing trading.  It is this versatility that enables you to master ONE strategy for a lifetime of trading.  Next, we always talk about the need to trade markets and timeframes where we win more than we lose on a percentage basis.  Nobody trades “loss free” — you will have losing trades.  The key for our success is to ensure we have a winning percentage that fits our mantra:  “Two thirds, one third” — which means we like to see 2 out of 3 trades trade profitably.  Finally, it’s important to us to ensure that our average winning profit is greater than our average loss.

This provides excellent protection should we not reach our “Two Thirds, One Third” goal – in fact, we know we can go 50% and still do quite well.  Even fall below that on a winning percentage and still stay positive.

The idea is you cannot expect to always catch the markets when they are hot – there will be times where we have excellent trading days but a few losses mixed in.  There will be days and trades where the market simply does not cooperate.

But, by sticking to our UMT Trading Plan, by knowing our exact stop and target on every trade, knowing we can have the confidence to take each new set-up with the odds in our favor we can keep our performance consistent and realistic.  This is about real trading with real results.  You’ll see in our charts below that not every trade wins – but it clearly fits our trading objectives outlined above.

S&P e-Mini Futures

S&P e-Mini Futures

GBPUSD Forex Trading

GBPUSD Forex Trading

EURUSD Forex Trading

EURUSD Forex Trading

Apple Computer Stock

Apple Computer Stock

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