Watch Live Trading Today

22 10 2008

We recorded our trading live from today, Wednesday October 22nd.  This was a good example of why we wait for the system to give us the “all clear” to enter the trade.  You’ll see how well it kept us out of choppy trdaing conditions at least until we got a set-up that triggered based upon our rules.  As we point out in the video, sometimes “winning” trading has to do with knowing when to be out of the market.  There’s plenty of times you are safest on the sidelines.  You can check it out here:

Live Trading Video for Wednesday 10/22/08

If you prefer, here’s our Dow e-Mini live trades we took on Thursday — 2 wins – 1 loss and a nice profitable end in just over 30 minutes:

Live Trading Video for Thursday 10/23/08




One response

27 10 2008

I think your system looks very easy to grasp.I have been trading fx with some degree of success but could do better .How much does it cost can’t see anywhere the price?
Regards Terry

NetPicks Reply: You can scroll to some of the posts here to see links to the order/info pages or even better, attend one of our free weekly live webinars — you get a much clearer picture of what’s offered. Thanks.

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